Start-up Bungalow brings new twist to living with roommates

  • Bungalow, a barely 3-year-old co-living company, rents private bedrooms in large, sometimes suburban homes.
  • Tenants can use all the common areas, which Bungalow furnishes — fully equipped kitchens, living rooms with sofas and flat-screen televisions, as well as dining tables and general decor.
  • Last fall, the company announced $47 million in new funding, bringing total funds to $68 million.

1 day earlier. Not sure why highlight bungalow, AFAIK, there are already a few similar startups in 7x7 few years ago.

New trend?

Got an unsolicited offer from Bungalow in the mail. Their rental estimate on one of my properties is double what I am charging now. You can get your own offer here:

I wonder what the neighborhood will think when you turn a rental into a frat house. I have several of these in Tahoe. the average ski bum makes enough to afford $600/m. Put four in a house and that is more than families can afford. Need to get the right group and make sure one is responsible for the rent. Works out ok except for high maintenance costs.

Plenty of communal living in 7x7. Don’t think landlords in CU is willing. A few parties try to convince me to convert to my SFH to communal living, i show them :fu: I heard from them, is hard to do in CU, of course, is meant for family not a group of swingers. I mentioned this few years back, guess is forgotten.

I checked the bungalow website. Seems to be limited in area. Not available in Tahoe. There is a program through the local college. But who wants run a dormitory for children?
I require that my tenants have jobs.

You are charging too low a rent, tenants are laughing to the bank. I went to your link, max estimate is less than what I am charging.

A lot of the houses listed for rent are PA and MP. I bet the neighbors there will LOVE a house being rented to 5-7 strangers. The per room rent seems really high where the house would bring in a total of $10-14k/mo. There’s no way it’d rent to one family for that. I wonder how often all rooms are rented.

That just means your area is not that desirable. :rofl: