State Department considers scrubbing democracy promotion from its mission

So USA will spent more time in its own interests and reduce meddling in other countries affairs?

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Does this mean we can dramatically lower defense spending?

IMHO, is a wise move. Sufficiently clear democracy is not for every nations, communism works in China and in some nations, democracy brought about even more poverty and corruption. More importantly, why is it an USA mission? Should be the mission of a world organization and the cost shouldered by that organization. Another development is democracy promotion was used as an excuse to protect oil interest but since now US can extract cheap oil from shale rock, why bother about protecting overseas oil interest, have more than enough oil in US land already.

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So, we are shutting down the what? 700 bases around the globe so we can have universal healthcare? :rofl:

OK…I approve this message. :heart_eyes:

You mean those $5 billion in oil deals sanctioned by the US in Russia, and for what Putin and Twhitler so desperately want to go for?

Watch Rex Tillerson going away from the government, right on the moment to take care of that oil deal he was working on before he got into this administration. No conflict of interests there at all. No, not at all…:joy:

Iraq? Oil
Afghanistan? Minerals
Russia? Oil
Syria? Oil
Venezuela? Not worth it, the poor people are dying there, no words from this administration. No oil worth the intervention.

No, we can’t get away from being the father and mother of all those “democratic problems”.


I see you’re making up more stuff.

"Venezuela’s oil revenues account for about 95 per cent of export earnings. The oil and gas sector is around 25 per cent of gross domestic product. Apart from petroleum, the country’s natural resources include natural gas, iron ore, gold, bauxite, diamonds and other minerals. "