States That Take The Most From Your Paycheck

I’m not going to lie. I’m pretty excited to see my first paycheck without CA income taxes.

Interesting… care to elaborate??? (If I missed it amongst the Trump immigration chatter, my apologies)

Moved to Seattle. It doesn’t rain as much as people say.


There is the largest Chinese restaurant I’ve ever seen here. I haven’t been to it yet. It has to be be good given the size though. Their rent must be a fortune.

Aaah, I see. That is perfect, we now have a live member in Seattle to chime in about the market up there and whatever so is going on there. Did people wince when you told them you were from the Bay?

No. Most people here are transplants. I’ve met very, very few who grew up in Seattle. It’s similar to the Bay Area in that way.

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As long as local Asians go there… you know, PF Chang’s is quite large too but my Mom would kick my arse if she saw me holding chop sticks in there…:grin:

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Love to hear stories about market condition from Seattle area. Which area did you settle?

I’m in South Lake Union which is just N of downtown. I need to do more scouting of neighborhoods.