Stay Single Or Get Hitched

Warren Buffett says marrying the right person is the key to success.

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Thanks for saving the thread once again Sir…

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Corollary: marrying the wrong person is recipe for failure.


Thank you, Mr. Single (your new name from me) for your contribution…

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If people want to do the math, the best solution is to live together and pool your financial strength but not get married. Here are some salient points:

  • if both parties are earning mid-high income, your net tax liabilities will be lowest if each files as single, unmarried, next lowest is if you file married, jointly, and highest if you file married, separate
  • You get more financial flexibility - e.g. greater # of mortgages before you hit the fannie/freddie cap
  • related to first point above - you can double dip on many deductions

So the strategy (if you want to maximize the financial outcome and btw saving 10% of taxes is like getting 5-7% better return a year) should be:

when young/middle aged and in wealth building mode - cohabitate

when reaching your later years or if one party is going to stop working or you are going to FIRE, then get married so you get the maximal benefit of the tax system.

Definitely get married when one party is going to collect SSI and is going to stop getting a lot of W2 type income so that the other party can collect spousal SSI


Good points over all but the above is not correct. You can put only one spouses name on mortgage. No need to worry about hitting the cap.

Good points, but I need papers… (old fashioned and ain’t giving her an easy out…:grin:)

Trust your judgement :genie:

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Already there are marital rape lawsuits. Your arrangement means the richer party would be sued for raping and having sex with another person is not cuckolding :roll_eyes: Of course, I’m aware of open marriages and co-habiting practices.

LOL. WTF? :smiley: everything in a relationship comes down to trust. If you trust the other party what’s the value of a legal piece of paper that says you are married. If you don’t trust the other party, again what’s the value of a legal piece of paper that says you are married

You buy yourself a gun. The moment she threatens to sue you, you take it out and blow out her head. Ladies, you can also do the same to your man… :rofl:

You’re married in Singapore, right? So you’re not aware of the situation in US the A.

Are you sure about that? I was told by my loan broker that lenders will automatically include mortgages under both spouses’ names and count toward the limit.

If you are sure then send me your loan broker’s contact info. :smile:

All my mortgages are done that way. Title has both our names though. Just mortgage only shows one name.

Would she object if title only has your name on it?

California is community state. What’s hers is mine and vice versa.

Only what’s acquired after the marriage. If you don’t co-mingle pre-marriage assets, then you get to keep them.

This is fine. The question is when each of you have 5 mortgages and it’s time to get one more, will you be able to get another Fannie loan?