Stick To Making Jumpers, Kevin

OMG, my Sunset home is worth more than Kevin Durant’s old home!!!

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A couple of years ago I went to a charity bowling event with the SJ Sharks. You know BA real estate prices are bad when even pro athletes talk about it. Some had played in other cities and were shocked by prices here. It was right after Brendan Dillon was traded to the Sharks. He was in shock at the prices.

You bring up a great point as to why probably a lot of pro players DON’T want to come here. Yeah, it is nice here and sure they make a lot of money but at the end of the day they (the smart ones) still consider the cost of living in their decision making. I believe a lot of them do simply rent (ok, that might be the exception).

It might make sense to rent if you never know when/if you’ll have to move. Trades happen every day.

Don’t forget CA income taxes on that multi-million dollar income. That’s 13% of your income gone. That alone can cost those guys $1M-$2M+/yr. Teams in Florida and Texas definitely advertise no state income tax. It was reportedly a factor in Lebron going to Miami. They couldn’t offer quite as much money per year due to NBA rules, but the lack of state income tax on his NBA + endorsement income meant he’d have higher net income in FL.


Didn’t he just get ejected from a game? When you’re that rich you can over improve to personal tastes and not care.

Why complain to refs when you are winning?

Well, KD is such a competitor though. There was a game before where I think it was during a timeout or something and the other team’s mascot had walked by him. He swore at him. Love it.