Stock Market and Real Estate Return in 2016: A Comparison


I bought a new Highlander SE good Tahoe car…


46.3% :grin:
Some of your stocks didn’t keep pace.


My stocks are the turtle not the hare :wink:


One account 21.63%, and another is 30.57%.


In Depth Breakdown (Full year 2017):

US Large Cap: 21%
US Small Cap: 8%
Foreign Developed: 26%
Foreign Emerging: 31%
China ETF: 35%
REIT: 5%

GOOGL: 34%
BABA: 96%
BIDU: 42%
YELP: 10%
TSLA: 46%
FB: 53%
TWTR: 47%
NFLX: 55%
AAPL: 48%


Quite surprise GOOGL didn’t perform as well as the other F10. Is it because of higher 2016 base (too lazy to check) or WS is concerned that its ad money is slowly stolen by FB?

You miss out three high flyers of 2017, AMZN, NVDA and TCEHY.


Amzn didn’t really fly that high (only 45% gain).

NVDA was turbo charged by Bitcoin so all the gain is questionable (definitely not a long term holding bet).

TCEHY isn’t a normal stock listed in US exchange. BABA has similar performance so made up for that.


Actually I wanted your view on the first question, the second statement is just a passing remark.

I’m wondering why GOOGL has not appreciated much more given that it is deemed to be the leader in AI (and cloud? or is it AMZN?). AI stocks are on fire for year 2017.

FB has been diversifying from social media. Did you follow closely? What do you think of those initiatives?


Not following any of those news. My only question about goog is when are they start going to pay me dividends? :rofl:


GOOGL is everywhere, competing with Amzn (google express), iphone (pixel) and Microsoft…etc. They are penetrating all consumer market, nest, nest cam, cloud…

No match to google waze and maps so far.

This month, they are selling Google Mini for $4.95 (almost free) to every one…they will soon get all the consumers.

They are the toughest competitor to AAPL to reach first Trillion market cap !

As long as they grow, they do not pay dividends.


That’s what I’m afraid of… I sacrificed a good portion of dividend paying equity to acquire google… :thinking:


AAPL $861B
NVDA $117B

FB $513B
AMZN $564B
GOOG $731B

BABA $442B
TCEHY $486B Bigger than BABA :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Should be able to pay dividends, plenty of spare cash.
Perhaps, Larry Page wants to play the market cap game, be the first to hit $1T market cap. Vaguely recall Eric said Google would be the first to hit $1T more than 10 years ago.


My stock portfolio is shooting up like a rocket and reaching a milestone… sustainable or irrational exuberance? :thinking:


Sell some and buy a new S


Why are you rooting so hard for Elon? :rofl:


I hope he succeeds before he bankrupts Tesla


What’s your return in January?


5 days into Jan and you are asking return in Jan?
5-10% of $6mil, did you make more from crypto?


He’s very impatient… :rofl:


I thought your stocks are shooting up in January. Are you talking about the last 12 months instead?

And what milestone is it? 10M or 5M or 3M?