Stock Market and Real Estate Return in 2016: A Comparison


GBTC has gone up 20% in January, so is OSTK. Beats AAPL at least.

But I missed Ripple


5-10% of $6mil is $300k-$600k, not talking about %, % means nothing. Absolute dollars, please.
How much have you make in crypto in absolute dollars!!!
Ok, give you a way out, how much did your net worth increase from crypto bet. 0.001%?


Which of you have a 6M stock portfolio? I missed that part of the discussion. :smile: @wuqijun, @hanera or both?


Refer to bold. Just exaggerating. Assuming is only 50%, 5-10% = $150k-$300k gain in just 5 days :grinning:


As Cramer says…sell, sell, sell


The thing with crypto money, you don’t tell anyone.


I’m late to cryptos. It would have done wonders to my networth if I participated years ago.


Not only you , we are all late…not getting into crypto by 2010


If you had just bought a year ago would be up 15 times


Never Crypto is never late :joy:


if you bought tron like a month ago, you’d be up 80x


We are seeing 16% in our IULs. Tax free. Make it 20-24% then.


You’re quoting old news, not Apple to Apple comparison. Below is the return for 2017.

2-3 times IUL :slight_smile:


How come his networth gain is bigger than both stock and RE? What other source of income?


Also, once you start borrowing from the IUL your returns become lower, since you’re paying interest on any amount you borrow. That interest is worse than any tax.


He explains two times already :rage:
Margin. He borrows against his stocks to buy RE.


Ok. I am not a close watcher of @wuqijun’s networth. :smile:


Perfect ! Perfect !! Perfect !!!

Today, I started Backdoor Roth for year 2017, done our complete contribution grows tax free for life. We own those account holdings.


@hanera: 10.5M

@hanera, please provide your brokerage statement and house grant deeds online to prove that your networth is indeed 10.5M.


Grant deeds mean nothing if he is leveraged…