Stock Market and Real Estate Return in 2016: A Comparison


Yes, first half of 2017 is a good one for real estate. Plus, I bought one house really cheap and renovated it back up to standard. That probably contributed more than just organic growth as well.


Based on the recently introduced Redfin trend chart, my RE in SV and Austin appreciates about 3.5% ytd.
Highest being 13.8%, lowest 2.7%.


I have not checked the accurate price yet, but I guess my appreciation is less than 10% YTD


We are 3/4 way through 2017!!!

Here’s my 3rd quarter update:

S&P 500: 12.5% gain
NASDAQ: 20.7% gain
My Stocks: 33.6% gain
My Real Estate: 24.9% gain
My Net Worth: 36.2% gain

Happy investing!!!


Without leverage, AAPL up 33.1%. Your net worth up 36.2%, only slight better. Since you use leverage, I expect much better performance, what happen? And your effort in stocks only get you 0.5% higher? Dividends collected from AAPL is about 1.3%, 0.8% higher than 0.5%, you should probably stay passive!

Edit: My stock portfolio gains 30.2% slightly less than AAPL because got index funds, dividend portfolio and mad money (mCap and sCap).


Yes, should’ve been a passive bitcoin investor. Quadrupled year-to-date… :scream::scream::scream:


Let’s hope the good times will continue.

What’s the strategy when the market is peaking? Doing nothing and ride the roller coaster?


In terms of investment productivity from time/effort, AAPL rules. You can sleep for 9 months and still beat the busy wuqijun :rofl:


Time to cash in… invest in sex drugs and Rock n roll


Might as well buy the real Tesla… why wait for Model 3… time to spend… Never know when Lil Kim will nuke us all…lol


I don’t like sex drugs and rock n roll. I only like money. :rofl:


What do you do with it? Can’t sleep with it
eat it or???!!
Well maybe you can roll in it


You shouldn’t be afraid. He’s not going to send his nuke to Tahoe… one good thing about not living in a high density metro… :slight_smile:


I like to count it every hour… keeps me busy throughout the day… :rofl:


Not worried at all, Pure Irony.
Just drove down to SF and back… Total nightmare traffic. Stayed at my friends house 50 Mountain Spring, on Twin Peaks below Sutro… View from Mt Diablo to Marin… Spectacular mid century modern… I designed the cantilevered glass deck…


We are done with 2017!!!

Here’s my full year update:

S&P 500: 19.4% gain
NASDAQ: 28.2% gain
My Stocks: 38.7% gain
My Real Estate: 28.2% gain
My Net Worth: 40.8% gain

Happy investing!!!


You celebrate with a brand new model S


I celebrated with a glass of wine after 5 hours of bookkeeping and record tracking… :rofl:


At this rate, you would take less than 2 years :rofl: to overtake the net worth of elt1 and manch. And caught up with the $10M guy 4 years from now. AFAIK, they said their aim is to grow their net worth at around 10% p.a.


What exactly are their net worths? And what is my net worth? :wink: