Stock Market is Heading Down, Not Up



Didn’t have any money 20 years ago but could have done something 15 years ago :slight_smile:


The Economist is an elitist, liberal rag…And totally anti American. …British bullshit


For a hint, those in love of something they mention in almost every topic they participate in, the economy is as it is thanks to liberalism. You will have enough time to speak about conservative results after October. Meanwhile, I hope you didn’t invest in the liberal economy.

Ohhhh…you did? I thought you hated it?

After the “I made a joke”, the topic is about the market going down or up.

Regarding that, I was just laughing, not at hanera, but the meaning of what he wrote. They don’t go together. Twhitler is against globalism, so, how can you explain anything about global whatever? The hypocrite is a globalist, his businesses are all over the world. He and his daughter manufacture anything and everything in China while their not so smart supporters chant “kill globalism”. “Made in the US”, “America fist”…Really?..:kissing_heart:



How many of those banks predicted 2001 or 2008?


There is a chance a downturn is around the corner, but it sure does feel like there are articles like this every year. Sooner or later they’ll be right, but the accuracy of when that will be is never right.


Nice pop on both my taxable and tax deferred account on 1st open day of markets 2018(average @2.3% across both)!!.. :slight_smile:

Now, I’ll check the account back on Jan 1st, 2019


Sell! Sell! :smile:


Your prediction seems to be coming to fruition!