Stocks vs real estate


He Asian…(we are cheap) :grin:


I have too much time to spare… I don’t have to slave at a 9-5 job everyday like most people do… managing my own properties is a nice part time job for me… It gives me a dose of reality when I’m not spinning the roulette at Vegas… :rofl:


You are cheap. I’m not! :rofl:


Well, are there any good PM willing to manage section 8 tenants? For section 8 tenants, you might be forced to manage yourself and deal with the high maintenance tenants


Please, from someone who actually knows and had Sec 8 tenants, they are no different from non Sec 8 tenants. One needs to be selective…always. Who is to say a non Sec 8 tenant won’t give you just as much or more headaches? In fact, one could argue that with the government assistance they might be more stabler and would not want to F up a good situation if you know what I mean.


Ohhh…so…you guys pay % of your rental income to have somebody protect your rentals?

Jesus! What a smart idea! Not!

Isn’t that awesome? Some people complain of others making a living out of OPM. And here they are, paying lots of money, just giving the money away.

If I could, I would run an illustration to show you what 6% of any monthly rental (you know, those 6% charged to your loans in a life insurance policy) can do for you for your retirement, but that would be fraud, and I know you are soooo smart to not feed people making a living out of your money, so you can retire with good income, aren’t you smarty?. :sweat_smile:


If you complain about the stupidvisors, and even though I agree we shouldn’t make a blank statement, believe me, you are in for a big surprise if you think section 8 people are easy to get rid of, or if you think they are less entitled than a homeless at your local park. You may have been lucky in the past, things have changed, or you have had the best of the crop. What I’ve seen is the best of the crap. :sleepy::sleepy:


Tax reform is deeply unpopular. No one cares about cutting corporate taxes. Most Americans think Corp tax is too low already.

After the GOP fiasco last Tuesday there maybe new calculus in Congress. Does GOP really want to ram this thru?

Getting rid of income tax rebate affects wealthy states on the coast. I am not sure GOP has enough votes in the Senate.


No one sees the need for lowering corporate taxes… Corporations are making record profits and are flush with cash… Why do they need a tax break?.. What guarantee is there that they would reinvest or repatriate the money?


I was debating with a pathological person here, and he couldn’t understand that corps go through loopholes, then they pay their share.


Of course they won’t invest the money. If they want to invest companies won’t give out record dividends and buy back insane amounts of stocks.


How come is in terms of revenue and not net income? Want to make Apple look good? And oil companies look bad?


I am the messenger. :sweat_smile:


Good for USG, collect more taxes :slight_smile: Dividends are double taxation.

Push up share price hence higher vested RSUs, and more taxes collected. Again good for USG.


Cut corp tax => higher share price => higher RSU price => more taxes collected

is long and tortuous. Any logic links longer than 3 nodes I tend to discount heavily. Effect is also pretty small, if you think how much of a company’s profit is used on RSU. Not enough to make up for loss in tax revenue.


If you’re so confident, then sell your house and put all the profits into a life insurance policy. Go for it. What do you have to lose? You can borrow from the policy to pay rent, and your policy will earn all that compound interest for you. You’ll be worth millions in 15-20 years.


Yawn. That’s a joke.

  1. It’s showing revenue not earnings. Taxes are paid on earnings.
    2, it shows WW numbers and the only part that matters in this discussion are US numbers

It’s meant to get an emotional reaction from people that don’t know those things. Good job on falling for it.

Besides, 50% of American are paying 3% or less. How on earth can they say corporations aren’t paying enough?


Reduce corp tax >> higher selling price for shares sold >> more taxes collected
If not for buying back shares and dividends, then is productive use right?
Since you said the amount for RSUs would be small, then productive use would be high :rofl: good for USA! not USG, whoa, logic adjusted for your liking.


More personal income tax from employees. Not nearly enough to make up for the loss in tax revenue from lower corporate taxes. If it’s a net loss, how could it make USG stronger? BTW why do we want a stronger USG?

The bump on higher tax from RSU is temporary. Newly issued RSU will reflect the higher share price and so going forward income tax from RSU will be back to original level. Meanwhile the loss from lower corp tax rates is permanent.


I understand fully what it means to have a Sec 8 tenant. But it really doesn’t matter anyway since my properties are in rent controlled jurisdictions like SF and Oakland. Getting rid of ANYONE would be difficult, but it is what it is. Don’t play the game if you can’t handle it. But with that said, I just negotiated a buy-out of my longest Sec 8 tenant. Didn’t pay an arm or a leg either. Done.