Stocks vs real estate


That is what I am doing… How can a legendary investor copies my idea… did he tap my phone?

Bingo! Quite often, correct financial responses are fairly counter-intuitive and going against the crowd.


Buffet found AAPL 20 years later than you, hanera. You are a leader, he is a follower ! Get that great credit !!

BTW: Were you working at AAPL at that time? How did you decide to hold that long?


So sad, no chance to be under the tyrant’s humbled servants.
When I went all-in, the amount is hardly worth anything, just an insignificant % of my net worth. Losing the whatever left investment from the dot bomb doesn’t mean much.
My original plan was to sell all by 2006 since no matter how I looked at it, iPod won’t last long, single function, simple device.
Then rumor of iPhone whirled and I attended my first and last MWSF for the launch of iPhone.
Very impressed and from history (guess you can web search, plenty of articles about lifespan of devices around then), such a device would have about 20 years lifespan before being obsoleted. So I cancelled my idea of selling.
Story gets better and better :rofl: iPhone launches the biggest bull run of AAPL.
The original form factor of the iPhone is about to end, and iPhone X ushers in a new form factor… so another 10 years :slight_smile: before EoL :wink: or just another cash cow like Mac and iPad.
Also wild cats/ rising stars like Apple watch, Air Pods, HomePod.
So selling AAPLs don’t seem like a right thing to do. Also dividends.


Will go for real estate rather then stock.


Stocks had a great year and the nominal return is better than housing. However, with leverage, a 10% rise in home price gives you a 50% appreciation, that’s close to the stock return with a 1 to 1 margin. But a 1 to 1 margin stock portfolio has the potential to become zero and a margin call can wipe out your investment.

Stock could peak in 2018 and a steep fall could follow the peak. Tax reform expectation could become a sell on the news crash. If congress can deliver a tax reform in early 2018, watch for a peak 2 months after

I may make a little speculation on Bitcoin. What’s the best way to speculate on Bitcoin? I just buy a little with a risk tolerance of 100% loss


Bitcoin is crazy and risky, but coinbase the way to buy, read

BTW: I do not even own single GBTC, bitcoin trust, easy to get with fidelity but GBTC is 30% premium over bitcoin and 2% Expense Ratio.


Um… definitely buy bitcoin over GBTC should you decide to buy any…


What’s the cost at coinbase? Do they charge a transaction fee, a storage fee and any other fees? Will it insure against any theft or hack?

There’s no FDIC insurance. Which insurance company provides insurance to coinbase? And is coinbase profitable? I don’t like to see coinbase closing before my coin reaches 1M


Read here and understand, they are San Francisco based…


Absolutely no insurance at all!!! Buy at your own risk. If you wanted insurance then bitcoin is NOT for you… some people actually lost a lot of money with bitcoin couple years back because their bitcoin wallet holder closed down or scammed them…


I repeat, the uniqueness of Bitcoin is what makes it worth the investment. But, the danger is on the copycats that are swimming around.

Not the same, but I’ve seen it in my old times on Ebay. A very old, or rare VHS cassette/CD/antique is posted, everybody is bidding on it, others find it around, and after a while they post their own similar thing, and all the sudden you see prices going down by the penny, to the point the market becomes flooded with the same. You no longer own a priceless thing.

To me, being a dumb, idiot and brain dead when it comes to the stock market how’s, I would get the highest amount I can get and get the hell out. But when is the question, right?



Sound like Singapore is doing the right thing. Make it more expensive to own more than the owner-occupied property thus reducing the number of property that can be owned by the middle class and the rich.




However, diversification is important, especially when saving for the long term. Investors should opt for a variety of asset classes or sectors to reduce their risk. Investing in real estate is an ideal way to diversify your own investment portfolio, or your client’s, while at the same time reducing risk and maximizing returns.

Who don’t know? That’s what I’m doing by investing in Austin rentals.


Back to stocks it is…(come on, who wouldn’t mind owning a few properties in Los Altos and the surrounding areas???)


How many people put 50% down to buy a house? The author is belittling RE investment. Does a CFP earn money from RE or stock investment?

“One of the biggest arguments I’ve heard for investing in real estate is the leverage you can get from borrowing money for the purchase. Putting 50 percent down and borrowing the rest (via a mortgage) will double the returns you will get. Very true.”


Who makes more money, a realtor or a CFP?

Why is that we don’t see any realtor to write articles to promote RE over stocks? Is RE too easy a sell than stocks?

Wall Street seems to have more writers than real estate industry.


A new poll:

Do you trust a realtor more than a stock advisor?