Stop Complaining, You Are Probably Doing Ok

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So even homeless people in SF are part of the 1%
After all their guaranteed $40k/ year of benefits is worth $1m over 25 years


That’s one of my points for all those who are anti the 1%. If you have a global perspective, many of them are top 1%.


Yeah, I was somewhat surprised by the amount needed to be considered part of the 1% globally…

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All of on here are in the top 1%. No need to worry about relative NW.

To overcome the global wealth inequality, each American needs to give away 75% of his networth to people in other countries.

Again, when did the Mao jacket become the de facto uniform globally???

In 1998 Russians all lost most of their wealth. Within five years the wealth distribution was similar to before.
Giving people money solves nothing. It is more important to teach people how to earn and keep money and it is to give it to them.

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You mean everyone on this forum is almost a millionaire? Ok, please speak out if you are nowhere near that…

No, we are all in theory probably in the top 1% globally…

No what? That’s why I want people to speak out if they are not.

Fine, but why would someone want to divulge that they are not as well off like you?

If your networth is unknown, why should other people volunteer?:joy:

Um… ok, I guess everyone here is indeed a millionaire… :rofl:

How many here can be the top 1% in your own county? Speak up if you are :rofl:

Million dollar income a year or merely million dollar networth? When can you have 1M net rental income a year? At that point, you should feel really good about yourself.

If you have a 30M networth, your annual investment income should be above 1M so you can qualify as top 1% in SMC and MC.

First Tier Counties:
Marin County $1.13 million/year.
San Mateo County: $1.12 million/year

Second Tier Counties:
Santa Clara County, $979,000/year
San Francisco, $895,000/year

Third Tier Counties:
Alameda County, $512,000/year

Millionaire including the equity in house(s)?

Yes. Money is all equal, no discrimination.

Networth = total asset - total debt

Then all of us are millionaires. Wow, Big deal.

How about million dollar income a year? Or 512k a year in Alameda county?

Mostly the folks who bought awhile ago or who have decent equity built up all those years. If a renter were good enough about saving and investing in say stocks he/she could be included too but highly unlikely. Most renters are not good savers, quite frankly…