Storage Shed, which is good and reliable

I need a large storage shed at the backyard. Looking at this one.

These are available in HomeDepot, Lowes and Amazon…etc. I need to find a person to assemble or order at home depot assembly person.

Any one installed shed? Any feedback on choosing good and reliable one. Any tips ?

These sheds are $30/sf…Plus the cost of installation .Anything over 120sf requires a permit. .Foundation is extra…Cost to deliver not included. .Access is key…Do you need a crane? Truck access
No residual value…Can find them free on Craigslist. …most of the stuff stored in these sheds is junk and never used. .I recommend a garage sale and building the smallest shed you need…Plus stuff stored in an unheated shed gets rust and mold…The metal and plastic ones are much cheaper


Ahh, This is news to me ! Let me limit 120 sf

This home is old, both side gates are max 6 feet (not 12 feet). I do not think big crane gets in. I need to definitely limit to small shed.

Crane can lift the shed over the house…Otherwise the shed will have to assembled in the backyard…Might be cheaper to stick build from scratch.

Best deal on craigslist. . $150.

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This is what I am trying to do.

Thanks for craigslist tip. I have totally forgotten that craigslist, lot of good deals !

Best deal…Cant beat free

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Ran into someone who does carpentry at Home Depot. I can’t remember the numbers he threw around, but he argued for building from scratch as well. Said it’d turn out better and be cheaper.

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hahahaha. Sometimes free is worse than paying for it.

I’d build a nice one from scratch.

My wonderful shed built with the good stuff from Big Creek lumber and not the Home Depot junk. Put up partly because I needed a shed close to the house that would fit in with the surroundings and partly to block the view of the neighbor’s POS plastic job that you can see on the left. Plastic/metal sheds are SO low-rent and can only bring down values. Back in Fremont I grew tall hedges by the fence so I wouldn’t have to see the neighbor’s shed.

I have a shed in backyard, around 8x10. Looks to be hand built, probably 30 years ago. Now at the end of its life, it is eyesore and maintenance issue (roof needs to be replaced, rafters rotting, sidings’ paint peeling and rotting).

I have not done anything to it. I got a quote of $800 just to tear it down and dump it. I suspect plastic might have less of maintenance issue, but no direct experience. Though, I believe plastic ones are smaller than wood ones.

Plastic sheds, plastic fences, plastic rocks, plastic mailboxes…if you’re going to pay CA real estate prices why junk up the place so it makes it like something out of Mississippi? Good quality redwood will last decades, The whole thing needn’t be redwood; it can be nailed to plywood sealed with a moisture barrier.