Strike one? Tourism Down BIG

Forget about tech, the Fab 7x7 relies heavily on travel dollars. If this keeps up, it will cause major economic problems here…

Look at the bright side:

There is one country in Hopper’s data set that bucked the trend of declines, and in a big way, with an 88 percent increase in flight search demand during the studied period: Russia.

Move to San Jose. We don’t depend on tourism.


Right. There is no attractive place for tourist. :slight_smile:

What do you call Winchester Mystery House ? :slight_smile:


Not exactly a tourist trap, but Happy Hollow in SJ is a great zoo+park+playground for younger kids. Beats SF Zoo hands down. Also the Children’s Discovery Museum is pretty solid. I would drive down from SF just for these two.

Ring, ring
Me: Hi, Alex. Yeah, sfdragonboy. How’s the kids? Good, good.
Alex My Realtor: How can I help you?
Me: Alex, I need you to find me a house in San Ho.
Alex: Why? Too much money and you need another investment home?
Me: No, no I plan to move from my beautiful 4 bd 4 ba Sunset corner house in the Fab 7x7 to San Ho because of Happy Hollow and the Children’s Discovery Museum. I have been told that these are the bomb tourist spots in San Ho that the world comes for.
Alex: Good bye, sfdragonboy. Click

Call Alex back:

“You Are FIRED!”

Hang up.

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I still don’t get why so many tourists come to SF. There is nothing to see other than the golden gate bridge.


I love both places.
I took my friends and family (with Kids) there when they visited me.
However, those are more like great place for locals. Tourist would be disappointed.

I never been to Mystery House. Is it fun?

The places my friends/family liked the most here were Santana Row and Saratoga downtown/Villa Montalvo.

Yet, I love San Jose, one of the most boring (and quiet) city. :slight_smile:


Wow…really? Besides the GGB, we have:

  1. Alcatraz and to a lesser degree admittingly Fisherman’s Wharf (hey cracked crab), Palace of Fine Arts, Coit Tower and Legion of Honor
  2. Chinatown - one of the largest outside Asia
  3. Ride the cable cars (expensive though)
  4. Lombard Street (hold onto your purses)
  5. Some people want to check out the Castro area (some people may not have seen openly gay people before)
  6. The other cool cute neighborhoods, from North Beach to the Haight to the uber posh Sea Cliff and Pac Heights.
  7. We are a big food town despite what you and our Fuhrer may think.
  8. The Arts, MOMA, Academy of Science, Exploratorium
  9. Some people come here to shop downtown in Union Square and in the neighborhoods like Union Street or the Haight.
  10. The Giants and soon the Warriors will play here.
  11. The great outdoors/recreational activities: sailing the Bay to surfing Ocean Beach; the Presidio and Golden Gate Park; the many foot races from serious ones to the Bay To Breakers.

I am sure I may have missed something but those are the big ones. That is why Moscone is booked pretty solid year round for conventions that KEEP COMING BACK HERE. What about the massive Oracle and Salesforce conventions that shut down the streets around Moscone for a week or so every year?

Think about it, if you are visiting for an average say a week, the above items will easily cover that week so that you would not be bored.

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Not all attractions are meant to be fun (SJ needs to educate its tourists better). Unlike the SF attractions mentioned by sfdragonboy which have their own splash and excitement (rocketboat!!), the Winchester House takes you in and wraps itself around you until you are inside its wonderland pondering the mystery of why the Shakespeare-loving Baconian heiress (of rifle-making company) made the remodeling choices she did, and why she spent decades doing this (in San Jose of all places) when she had more money than she knew what to do with??

I have never been there myself and I am sure it is fun for what it is. SF’s Academy of Science and Exploratorium sites are also quite educational and fun in their own right, esp for kids. The thing is, after going to the Winchester Mystery House, what next? Aaah, SF here we come for the remainder of that week, right?

You should drive by 5th and 6th streets in San Jose. The Japanese area is full of small eateries. First time I drove by and I got a sense of one of those old but modernized down towns. I think they are located between those streets and Jackson. I really forgot the street.

By trying to find the right address, I Googled 5th street and I found something very interesting, look at it.

There is at least one museum or art gallery at every metropolitan, nothing special about the ones in SF. You can argue that Chinatown is unique in that it’s the oldest/largest Chinatown in North America, but quite frankly I would not come to SF just because I want to see Chinatown (who does?). Never found the cable car or Lombard street for that matter to be anything special.


Places like the Academy of Science and Exploratorium are a dime a dozen; there are plenty of similar attractions in other major metropolitan areas. As it relates to foot races, there are tons in other areas as well and SF’s foot race popularity is nowhere near the big ones like LA/Chicago/New York/Boston etc. I am an avid runner and I don’t find SF’s races to be particularly appealing.

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Uh, apparently a lot of people… and be mindful this parade was televised live…

Def not a serious race unless you are of the elite but over a hundred years straight. Yeah, not appealing…

San Francisco’s" Bay to Breakers is the oldest consecutively run annual footrace in the world, a staple to the City by the Bay since May 1912.

Bay to Breakers is well known for many participants wearing costumes, and a few engaging in varying degrees of public nudity.From 1986 to 2010, it was officially the world’s largest footrace with 110,000 participants, until it was surpassed by City2Surf event in Sydney.Attendance in 2016 was reported at roughly 80,000.I

The biggest attraction in SF is the urban vibe…Individual tourist attractions are everywhere…But SF is a top tourist attraction in Cali, along with Napa, Yosemite, LA, Tahoe, Carmel…I dont think SJ is on the list.
SF is number 2 in the country after Vegas.

SF is number one in CA

When I was little I would see TV ads for the Winchester Mystery House featuring some old guy saying “The Winchester rifle really opened up the West.” So politically incorrect these days - on multiple levels!
I’ve done live animal presentations at Happy Hollow and it is indeed a nice facility. Good crowds too - well disciplined children who I can trust to hold my animals (one reason I bailed on YSI at Alum Rock years ago).
The SF zoo has been a dump for as long as I can remember. I would never take folks from out of town there. Steinhardt and the Academy of Sciences got loused up on the re-do IMHO. Now - drive visitors down the coast to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium? Yes.

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