Stripe donates 1m to california yimby

I really like the yimby people. They refuse to take the nimby BS from the boomers and the gen-X’ers.

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Yimby is the siren call for millennials. Too bad they have been too brainwashed by environmentalists and socialists to get it.

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Practically all yimby’s are millennials. The brainwashed millennials are just caricatures in people’s imagination.

Most Millenials are brainwashed, only a small percentage is able to over the wash


No they are my niece and nephews. They are communists and religious environmentalists . Cut out of the will for sure.

Surveys say most of them prefer socialism or communism over capitalism. Granted, when asked to pick an example of communism or socialism from multiple options, most of them couldn’t do it. So they prefer something that they don’t know what it is.

Bernie was most popular with millenials. If you read the Trump tax plan and tell them it was Bernie’s idea, they’ll agree with all of it. They are so dumb they don’t even realize Bernie would never cut corporate taxes or the top tax bracket.

My nephew and namesake just got his PHD in environmental science. Basically a theologian with a useless degree. His PhD thesis is a political diatribe about the water uses of the Colorado river basin.

Too bad he considers himself a scientist. Does not know shit about math or science… I just hope he doesn’t become a worthless bureaucrat…

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