Subdividing lots
This is a corner lot with Lynbrook high and 0.33 acres.
Can this one really be subdivided?

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It can not be sub-divided. City won’t approve.

But thats how the selling agent listed it on redfin. Text "Rare opportunity to own one of the last Sub-dividable Lots "

Call up the planning department to know for sure. I’d expect it to be since the listing agent called it out specifically. Otherwise they have some liability to share if it isn’t.

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Hmmm, it shows R1. Someone needs to work with city to subdivide…All I know it is not so easy to subdivide.

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R1 doesn’t reflect if you can subdivide the property or not. It just means that the land use is supposed to be a SFH. That designation will tell you what the minimum lot size is, minimum setbacks, and potential for development.

Looking at the lots around the area it looks like it could be done. The lots on Arlington are much smaller. If you look at the SE corner of Avondale and Bollinger it appears that 2 small lots used to be one.

Druid, you just want to know if this was a good deal? Does it look overpriced if it is a single lot and single house?

Yes I just wanted to know if the buyer got a good deal. It seems you could build 2 or 3 large townhomes on this lot and sell each for 1.4 or even 2 SFHs. For a single house/lot, it’s a lot of money per sq ft especially when the house is not luxurious.

The trend on this block is “demolishing old ranch style and building luxurious homes”.
I doubt the new owner would subdivide the lot. (I will keep an eye on it since I am passing this street almost everyday.)
A few of newly built luxury homes in this block (between Meyerholz elementary and Bolligner on Windsor).
They look nice but location wise this block doesn’t provide the feeling of seclusion at all.
I always wondered why people built over 2.5 million house in this block (too close to Bollinger with lots of traffic from Meyerholz elementary).
Look at the house across Windsor street. I was surprise to see such nice house at the corner of Windsor and Bollinger (very busy street). The new owner would build a new big house just like his/her neighbors.
Maybe because of rare opportunity with big lot size? Then, why not buying in Saratoga or Cupertino? I don’t know…


@Jane - I didn’t realize the lot borders Bollinger on one side. That street is just too busy.