Sunset House Not Selling

Come on, it is so obvious again… look at the address number Sir!!! 14

In China the number 14 is an unlucky number. It is pronounced “one four” which sounds like “want to die”.

No garage, no deal…anywhere!!!

There’s an alley in the back that leads to the garage.

Sunset just sucks. Admit it. :smiling_imp:

Unfortunately, our peeps love it here and they keep buying…

You didn’t have to move up here from what is supposedly a better place to a place that sucks you know…

We definitely should use more emoji. It adds color to your message. :tada:

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Right, which is kinda nice actually, Same design close to some blocks near Lowell High

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SF is fine, but Sunset blows. :smiling_imp: :smile_cat:

Uh, don’t you reside in the Sunset, the recently proclaimed hottest neighborhood in the fab 7x7???

Now mind you I am biased because I should make a cool 1M on my Sunset home when I sell it…

This one in Golden Gate Heights looks good

It has one of those crazy center patios, but luckily the owner already took care of it. Who wants to sit outside in 50s degree overcast Sunset?

Ah yes…the throne…where a man can be left alone to contemplate the matters of his affairs or figure out what the heck happened on election night…

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Yes, except the smelly tunnel entrance…gosh I hate those.

But looks like the owner has the stinky tunnel fixed too.

Tunnel design don’t have center patio. The tunnel’s “front door” setup doesn’t allow for it.

Not selling???..ok let’s raise the pricing from a good chinese number to a great chinese number…

Is it me or does their kitchen look like crap?

Ooooh, yeah, not good. A skylight(s) if feasible would have been advisable. Well, at least it doesn’t have the chinese looking cabinets…

Yes, even the lucky 8 couldn’t get this one sold. I suppose with good reason though. This is way out there on 45th and while is remodeled it is of the layout that does not have a lower level (no inlaw potential) and the yard is small. What is the point of the rooftop pics? Me thinks another haircut may be in order to get this one sold…

Ok, good test case for Sunset market. Not exactly great address number with the double 4’s, in original def unique condition with only 1 bd/1 ba and illegal downstairs YET the audacity to ask for 1.2M upfront. Wow, will the masses go for this at this or (gasp) even higher price despite the smallness and condition of it? Did I mention the 44? Now that I look at it, I find it hard to believe the front lower room is not original or permitted. It seems built in from the beginning and several homes along that stretch have it too. I will say it goes for asking or below. Hard to justify more really when other homes are out. Let’s see…

My guess: $1.1M sold