Sunset House Not Selling


Of course, went Pended…


What much discount is there for a bad feng shui number, like 44


Hey, its housing. People will look the other way to get either a roof over their heads or a decent discount to make the investment fly…


How much discount? 1%, 5%, 10% ???


Come on @Elt1, I am mostly kidding about the 4s. I don’t know for a fact that anyone honestly expects a discount just because a 4 or two is in the address number. Now, I would say again that if a property were the other way (had 888 Eighth Ave as its address) you might get a tad overbidding by some crazy Asian folks. The one or two 4s is not going to matter so much especially in this kind of market where if you can’t accept the chalk outline of several bodies on the dining room floor, well five other parties will gladly ask you to step aside so that they can bid on the home… :slight_smile:


In this market anything will sell…But in the next downturn you don’t want to be stuck with an incurable defect like a busy street, bad feng shui, T intersection, bad floor plan or any other issue that might limit the buyer pool.


Hate to use my outer Mission example as a whipping boy, but…


See, I was right. Sold for “only” 925K, a fraction of the initial 1.2M in May. Yes, technically over the 895K reset price in June but still a far cry from 1.2M…


What about houses on the 19th ave freeway…What is the discount to their neighbors?


Hardly these days… also sold for 1M+ and then some…


Which I find absurd. Who hasn’t been stuck on 19th Avenue during summer vacation time? Nightmare. Yeah, you try to pull your car out of that mess everyday…


Depends on how you look at it. Shortest walk to the bus stop!!!


Let’s not mention inhaling all that car pollution while you are living there. Notice how all the homes along 19th Ave have that film of dirt silt on their exteriors? Imagine that inside of you. No. Thanks.


Not a problem! Nobody opens their front windows much these days…


Dude, do you breathe air? How does air manage to get into your home?


From the backyard?


Yes, only you @wuqijun and not us mere mortal men are able to direct clean, fresh air from the yard into our homes only and not the dirt filled air from the front street. Please indicate your birthday, I plan to burn some incense in your honor on that day from now one…


Um… I’m not dead yet!!!


No, but worthy of worship nevertheless… :grinning: