Super duper Tech stocks

20 Red-Hot Tech Stocks to Consider

HEAR +1020%
I +392%
AAXN +137%
TWLO +135%
IQ +105%
NFLX +103%
HUYA +102%
TDD +100%
MOMO +83%
TWTR +84%
AMZN +45%
PANW +40%

Any1 own I HEAR?

I have TWLO, IQ, MOMO, AMZN and PANW. Had HUYA but got shaken out by the shitty Trump. Will look for a way back in end of this month.

Haven’t heard of I and HEAR until now. We need to broaden our information funnel.

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How many shares of each do you own?

Too few. I am taking a page from VC’s and placing many more small bets on recent IPO’s.

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