Support Charles Marsala for Senator

Charles Marsala is the former mayor of Atherton. …A great friend and a great guy…He would be a great Senator for Cali…but could never get elected in Cali due to the corrupt Demo political machine which endorsed Kamala Harris, who will be a disaster. .Instead he has returned to his native New Orleans and is running as a Republican for the Louisiana senate seat…

Not a fan of Harris at all when she did not do seek the death penalty on two high profile SF cases: a cop killer and a murderer of 3 men. Don’t be speaking out of both sides of your mouth and insisting that you are seeking the highest punishment for crimes when you simply are not due to personal beliefs.

Bipartisan guys like Marsala have no chance in a polarized state like Cali

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A mild Republican, if there is still such a thing, can have a wide audience in CA. The so-called “liberal on social issues and conservative on government finance” breed. I never quite understand why GOP can’t produce such candidates. Watching too many alt-realty news shows like Fox News?

But then you can argue Jerry Brown is already that candidate. Obama and Hillary are both a bit right of center by European standard. It’s just that the Republican party has turned into this fireball of hate I for one cannot stomach, no matter its economic policy. And hey, its economic policy is crap too. So that seals the case.

Marsala was a good mayor but the anti growth hate crowd ran him out of town…plenty of hate on both sides of the aisle…We need less hatred and more consensus builders like Marsala…Harris is definitely on the class warfare BLM hate side…She will a disaster for Cali and the Senate. …ala Maxine Waters and the Congress woman from Berkeley

Charles Marsala lost…Almost everything I supported lost…even my selection for city council lost…

You can always move back down here for fog city and overrated chicken wings…:slight_smile:

I voted for Sanchez.

I voted for Sanchez, Johnson, against legal pot, against 13% income tax, …The only thing I voted for that passed was the cigarette tax…I hate smoking…Of course where I live the smokers will just buy in Nevada…Most people here shop in Carson City Costco. .Gas is $2.24/gal there…

Will harris run in 2020?

Run for what?

President of course.

With Elizabeth Warren as VP…lol

Just what we need another inexperienced senator running for President. .

Apparently there were allegations that Council Member Charles Marsala improperly solicited a $500,000 loan from a resident suing the town of Atherton… He only got a fraction of the votes that KKK leader David Duke did in Louisiana. Guess they are not looking for outsiders, winner was an insider who switched from D to R

Well so much for the internet. .the paragon of truth…not…I know both Jim Massey and Randy Lamb that vouched for Charles at the meeting linked to…Atherton has a lot of mean nasty rich people. .Charles wasn’t one of them. A regular guy, trully proud to be Italian and threw great Columbus day parties…Too bad the mean and nasties won…just like in Louisiana. …Trump proves gutter politics wins…it is happening everywhere