Surprising Developments in the 2017 Bay Area Real Estate Market

I’ve always kept an eye on the valuations of various BA neighborhoods. Here are several surprises so far halfway into 2017:

  1. Sunnyvale surpassed Cupertino in home valuation.

94087 median price: $1.814M
95014 median price: $1.750M

  1. Sunset surpassed the Mission in home valuation.

94122 median price: $1.255M
94110 medain price: $1.250M

  1. West San Jose surpassed Almaden in home valuation.

95129 median price: $1.410M
95120 median price: $1.375M

Congratulations to everyone who happened to own a home in Sunnyvale, Sunset, or West SJ!


See, if people just followed my ranting and raving about the Sunset from Day 1 (for me) you woulda’ made millions, I tell ya…

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When @hanera didn’t include my 95120 in his fortress list Rents headed for steep drop-off?, I was a bit disappointed. But I guess he was on the right track.

Aww… I’m sorry to hear that. Hindsight is 20/20, Almaden is still a great place to call home.