SV Engineer? Nah, I Would Rather Be A BART Janitor Apparently

I am sure you all saw this story. And yes, he technically only makes a base of $58K and the reason why he got up to $270K in pay and benefits was due to massive overtime. Really massive overtime! Is this just another story as to why BART is so F’d up, or not???

Damn, another Chinese guy!!! Yes, he is just working a lot presumably (unlike Mr. BART janitor hanging around inside all day) but still. No one wants to be under a microscope just for working extra right???

Darn. I will go on record that this guy made way more than me. Now I feel like a failure… :cry:

All told, Kenny Lau’s compensation reached $484,175, with most of it from overtime, according to data released Monday by Transparent California, a nonprofit project run by a Nevada free-market think tank.

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And he’s been killing it since 2002!! If he’s semi-decent in investing his money, the guy can be worth 8 digits. Now that’s one 8 goal I am working towards…

As far back as 2002, Lau was making double the pay of then-Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown. His boss at the time, William Claggett, told The Chronicle that Lau was popular with developers, whose fees for expediting reviews more than covered his overtime.

Honestly, at those rates, they need to just hire some junior folks…

No one should be getting this much overtime…

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Get H1Bs :grin:

That’s the problem with Govt depts. Since no one feels the money being spent is their own nor are they held accountable for it, the taxpayer $ are fleeced by one and all.

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Yup. The absolute lack of accountability is killing me (us).

Then there is the pension fund problem…

The only solution is smaller government with a smaller budget to minimize the impact.

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Planners are extortionists on the public payroll…They are parasites living off the misery of the homeless and homebuyers. .they should be ashamed. …

Get some 20 Hispanic people in there instead of one guy like that…hmmm…sucking the system. We work hard for less.

You didn’t know that? Gee! :innocent:

Or, an outgoing CEO… WOW!!!

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Another employee, a station agent, worked 361 out of 365 days at more than 40 different stations, making more than $114,000 in overtime. Combined with regular pay, the station agent made nearly $200,000. This prompted ABC7 to question the safety of this level of work.

Good hustle!