Sweet! Sunset Home Hits 2 Mil!

Wasn’t this the one or something similar that you said was ugly, @manch? Yeah, TWO MILLION DOLLARS ugly!!!


Outer Arctic Sunset? Eww… But yeah, impressive price.

Dude, the proof is in the pudding. I have been saying how hot the Sunset is from Day 1. People here are not going to buy condos when it makes more perfect sense to go to the avenues (either Richmond or Sunset) and get some of that actual single family home without any limitations, restrictions and oh monthly hoa crap fee. Sunset is better because homes are not as sandwiched as they can be in the Richmond and of course proximity to freeways and streetcars to downtown. Think about it, this one sold for 2M and it is on 42nd Ave!!! Yes, very nice home though (even though you may not like the styling). Hot! Hot! Hot!

If that means less competition for me buying condos and townhouses then hurray. Less crowded trade is a better trade for yours truly.

Well, as you know, there is plenty of condos for sale in the Fab 7x7. Expensive I am sure with ridiculous HOA fees. Gathering cobwebs…

Expensive condos not my thang. I look for things between 5 to 800K. Juicy cashflow.