Sweetest Little Bay Area Blog now LIVE

What’s up folks?

Just joined today and I launched a real estate / personal finance blog. I’ll be releasing some pretty amazing content on a variety of topics geared a for bay area residents.

My question to you is, what type of content do you want to see on both the money and housing side of the issue?

We are already live so check it out and give a fellow Bay Area Guy a subscribe. :slight_smile:

In what ways, are you better than MercuryNews? And this site? Not clicking on your site till you tell me.

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Well, from the topics we go over here, real estate, stocks, real estate, schools, real estate, chinese restaurants, investing, insurance, real estate, stocks, politics, real estate.

Personally, I like this neighborhood already… I ain’t moving (Oh, thanks again, @manch)


We also have some periodic discussion of home improvements, like tree removal and bathroom remodels. :smile:

First of all, on my site, you will be part of a customized ecosystem. I am trying to develop a community that are interested in these topics. We are more focused on personal finance and real estate. Peripheral topics will be about life here in Silicon Valley. So topics are not all over the place, they are more clustered and structured. A big part of the blog involves personal finance tips like saving money.

I just released an article on online savings account for 2017. I never new what these accounts were all about. But now I’m making a ton more interest by shifting my money away from traditional banking to online banks. I’m guessing other people don’t know about it as well.

It’s a new blog, but it’s definitely developing at a fast rate. Tons of more content that is coming out over the next few months. So subscribe so you can be part of this ecosystem.

We will be focusing on more macro content like which neighborhoods, which sub-neighborhoods are good buys. Which streets are good buys. Also how do you competitively buy a house here when 20,000 other people are trying to do the same thing. It’s all coming up.

Brand new here. I like it so far. Hoping to contribute out here. :slight_smile:


I went to see your site. Pretty informative stuff, nothing fancy.

You my friend could make tons of money if you talked to me.

Believe me! :innocent:

Uh oh!


Sorry, @buyinghouse:grinning:


No problem, I enjoy any criticism but you know me, I don’t get shy throwing mine your way.

Remember the debate about Facebook and its IPO?

Some people are just prompt to criticize and not see the good in “something”. I was being polite, and I was commending this guy, I admire people like him for trying his best to achieve something. So, I can say that I know were this guy is going, or where his idea can flourish. Negative people won’t. And I have been more than negative in the past. Oh boy, I’ve committed economic, professional suicide myself being so negative at the only thought of moving a finger to succeed.

I’ve learned this on the run: Walk in somebody’s shoes before criticizing. How would you feel to be berated the day you ask for help when initiating your own business? Not good, right?

I see it this way. When I was in Amway. Not that I could have been a DIAMOND :sweat_smile: I was destroyed by everybody I knew. They laughed at me, they mocked me, only to see them 15 years later inviting me to an Anway presentation. :rofl:

The fact is that when you start any trade, any business, any endeavor, the first ones to kill your dreams, if you let them, are your friends, your own relatives, or your other half.

You guys know the proverbial bucket full of crabs, one pulling the other down.

That’s all.

God have mercy on your soul…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: