Tale of a Homeless Couple

Should be the responsibility of the county/ State to ensure hardworking people to stay in a proper housing. Tents are not acceptable. Government has no money to provide simple cheap public housing like HDB?

Government housing is viewed as socialism in US, and frowned upon by many people on this forum.

Ideological bigots. Should be doing what is deemed a human thing to do. Taking personal responsibility, and contributing to society like that couple should deserve a decent housing.

"Seattle, meanwhile, has allowed some tent cities to operate as de facto communities — long-term, regulated, even with phone numbers and addresses. "

I was in Seattle–saw one of these. They are on church properties and move around every month or two to a new location.

Those bigots are on both sides. I’m investigating building out a small desert getaway in Pinal Co. I call - they ask me for APN numbers, spend 20 minutes on the phone going over all the costs and details. They have this quaint old-fashioned notion that as civil servants it’s their job. Someone wants to come live in our beautiful Sonora desert, bring in money to drill a well and put up a small place which is than mortgage-able and ready some day to be a starter home for some nice young couple beginning their life journey together.
How lovely.
Let’s help him.
If this were, say, some unincorporated outskirt of a California metro area how do you suppose that would go?
“Hi, I’m thinking about putting up a small house.”
“Ah- heh.”
A - hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah!!!"

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I guess I have to ask–if she’s woking for a fast food restaurant…which are everywhere…why are they living there at all? Why not move somewhere with a super low cost of living?

The government needs to propose real solutions. Building $1M per unit housing to have “affordable” housing is idiotic. The government only thinks of solutions that require tons of money and bigger government. That way their only problem is lack of revenue. They always blame lack of revenue and not ineffective programs or wasteful ideas.

Let’s face it. Even most liberal people wouldn’t want to pay the tax bill to house SF’s homeless in $1M per unit housing. They also wouldn’t want it built on their block. Saying we should tax others to pay for the idea isn’t noble. When liberals are ready to sign the check and allow it to be built on their block, then they’ll have some credibility.


Ridiculous zoning and building codes have resulted in tent cities. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Get rid of government regulations and the housing crisis will be solved. Let people build their own homes on homestead lots. Like in the good old days. Plenty of government surplus land. Like old school and property military bases.

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Government is elected by voters. Pretty clear local nimbys don’t want any changes to zoning regulations. Historically zoning was first put in place to keep the colored people out.

If everything done by the government is expensive and private sector is not gonna solve the problem, do we just sit on our hands wishing the problem away? That seems to be the conservatives’ position. Do nothing until the perfect situation presents itself.

The conservative’s position would be to put the drug users in rehab. Which is probably the majority of the homeless problem.

I think there are also many conscientious people who would be willing to donate an ADU for a couple of months to help a family maintain a job and get on their feet, but with the onerous laws protecting renters, it’s not worth the risk if it takes a year to get them out if they don’t maintain their job. Back to what elt1 says–too many laws, too many restrictions.

Saddest thing I’ve seen was a woman who rented a room to a man who then became abusive and threatened to kill her son. She had to live with him in the house while the eviction process went through because that’s the law. She was posting on Nextdoor to warn everyone else about him, and there were others who knew of him. So, we’d rather protect the rights of an adult scammer instead of the life and health of a child.



No one is entitled to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Let them move to where they can afford to live. Even helping them move would be cheaper then the current “solution”. Seattle spends over $100k/year for each homeless person. The idea that lack of money is the problem is a joke.

The left is too weak and won’t do court mandated drug treatment. It’s all voluntary, so they can leave at any time. You see how effective that is. The left is going so far as to give out needles and build safe injection sites. They don’t care about helping. They’re enabling.


Rainbow is the color for gay :slight_smile:

Wise strategy.

Sponsor the Boeing 737 Max 8 air ticket to Detroit.


Just because you move to a place first doesn’t mean that you have the right to keep other people out. It doesn’t mean you can monopolize its resources.

Say you live upstream of a river. Does it mean that you can dam it up and keep all the water to yourself? No. You still need to share that resources.

Silicon Valley’s economy could be double what it is today if only we had more affordable housing. Many capable people, mostly young, can’t come because of our ridiculous housing costs.

Whenever you complain about governments, keep in mind it’s the voters who put them in power.

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Makes you wonder what’s up with the neighbors.

Low intelligence voters fall for the “you’re a victim. It’s not your fault your life is a mess.” It removes all personal responsibility, and they vote for whoever promises to help them against their oppressor. The left preys on their low intelligence to get an emotional reaction and votes. No one even pays attention if the policies help or hurt people. They like them since then make them feel better emotionally.

The irony is every study has shown people who feel responsible for their life are much happier than people who think they are victims. It’s just taking responbility is more work than playing victim.

Complaining about the current attitude of Americans? They are doing the right thing. Foolish natives let the Europeans in to take everything. Lesson learnt.

They can always go to Austin :slight_smile: Plenty of land and affordable houses, and a damn good tech and healthcare industry… one big tech that is going big on healthcare is going big in Austin.

But they’re not those voters :slight_smile:

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Other people’s problems are always easier. They can’t solve them because they are dumb. That pretty much sums up conservatives’ POV.

Actually they are. I bet most if not all people on here are NIMBY’s.

I think California has too much direct and local democracy. Neighborhoods should not have any say whether housing gets built there. Japan has nationwide zoning laws. I think we should have state wide zoning. Too many random groups have veto power here.