Tax Reform?


In San Diego County they actually encourage people to pay it in one installment.


To put things in perspective there are cities in the US where they make less than BA people pay in taxes.


Wouldn’t lower home process benefit Bay Area renters? Cities in the Bay Area are becoming majority renter. The rest of the country won’t feel sorry for Bay Area landlords. They also aren’t going to feel sorry for anyone calling a $1-1.5M house a starter home. Bay Area renters won’t feel sorry either, and they are becoming the voting majority.

I’ve said this was coming for years. The masses are pushing for wealth confiscation and want to use the government as the middle man to do it. It’d have been much worse if Bernie won. It’d also be worse if Hillary won. She bluntly said she wanted to raise taxes on anyone making over $250k/yr. Millenials are going to be the biggest voting block for awhile, and they’ll vote for more income redistribution.


I expected getting screwed by Hillary. But not by the GOP.
It is clear that most Americans hate California and Silicon Valley… This tax plan is vengeance… Nevada here I come.


By virtue of earning higher, it is not for you - but for anyone, getting affected by tax is very common no matter whether Rep or Dem !


Yeah, Bernie would be much worse. Bernie can increase the tax for 40k earning worker to pay to the 15k earner


I just hope that California has a tax revolution against high taxes…Without federal write offs the state income tax will become intolerable…Time for pension reform and reduced spending statewide


Don’t write off Califonia taxpayers. They proposed and passed prop 13. They can pass something to limit government budget increase per capita.

Public Pensions would have to stop for new government employees and the existing pension may have to be scaled back to match statewide retiree income and benefit


I hope it leads to a government spending revolution and much smaller government at all levels. It’s the only sustainable option.


IMHO, You are dreaming !


Dreaming???I know… That is why I have one foot in Nevada already…But maybe the check book liberals will push for more costs controls…


Yeah, the stupid bunch of ass kissers didn’t say anything, and still not saying anything about the expenses and discouraging ways our secret service being burned by the idiot in the white house playing golf instead of working for the people.

None the less, the jet problem.

Price spent more than $400,000 on taxpayer-funded private jet travel since May, according to the website.

A story on Tuesday detailed how Price’s trips combined personal and official travel, including a $17,760 round trip on a charter jet to Nashville, where Price stayed less than six hours and lunched with his son, the website reported.

Once the car got out of the bag, Price said he would stop taking private jets until the HHS inspector general finishes a review of his pricey trips on the taxpayers’ dime.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was also on the hot seat for a trip he and his designer-loving wife took to Fort Knox to watch the lunar eclipse.

He also wanted to use a government jet for his European honeymoon but later withdrew his request.

EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt also used private planes, CBS News reported.

Gowdy and Cummings want details on senior officials’ use of non-commercial planes, including the airplane manifest, the trip’s destination, purpose and cost as well as the dates of use.

Agencies were asked to respond by Oct. 10.


Well, surprise!

You got owned by the commies in the white house.

Sincerely: Putin


When I was a production planner, the management of the company, all PPs/material handlers like myself, suppliers and supervisors and leaders on the floor would sit down, sometimes an entire day just to talk about delivery, receiving, supplying and manufacturing issues, just on one project alone. From there, we would come up with ideas on how to tackle the issues that would kill an entire system we were building.

Now, we have the superior idiot in the white house, and his supporters dumbfounded, silent on the sidelines, wasting $ millions golfing. We are talking about the lives of 300+ millions of Americans that will most suffer this stupidity not coming from his dead brain but from Goldman Sachs. So much for the ex-president being an elitist.

Trump’s latest golf outing comes after the White House and Trump himself were emphatic that his long weekend at Mar-a-Lago was not a vacation.

As Politico noted earlier this week, “Trump and his aides insisted that the president would use his time at what they’ve dubbed the ‘Winter White House’ to make progress on tax reform and other top priorities.”

On Wednesday, just ahead of his trip to Florida, White House staff slipped up and told the truth, saying the president’s schedule would be “low-key.” They quickly tried to clean up their mess, saying: “While the White House communications staff expects the press pool to have a ‘low-key day,’ the president will NOT have a low-key day and has a full schedule of meetings and phone calls.”



This democrat makes this republican dummy explaining the tax cuts, so he works for his money, finally.

A difference between somebody earning $174K < > and somebody earning $18K. The higher bracket receives more credits than somebody barely making it.

Aren’t you tired of winning comrades?


Like somebody said, I am laughing about this…:joy::joy::joy::joy:
For somebody who hates “well, my data and graphics is telling me you are wrong, so I am the winner!”…but I have to admit, sometimes I love them.

You may have missed it as you were piling up the turkey and cranberry sauce, but the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development released a report last Thursday that confirms that the U.S. is a low-tax country when compared with other developed nations.


This just shows how little you’ve understood about the conversation. You think this disproves what I’ve said, and it actually supports it. Good job.


Who cares what you think.

We don’t like what’s coming, and that’s the point. We don’t need Trumputin’s ass kissers. Period!


Good, they do not have the votes right now…


What I fear the most, McCain. This old guy is full of surprises.

Unfortunately he was captured, so he is no good. :smirk: