Tech Skillsets For Lil Johnny Or Ema

I think problem solving is the ultimate skill. It translates across everything. Every organization has problems they struggle with and can’t figure out. Doing the basic work will get you a job, but you’ll eventually get too expensive and be pushed out for someone younger and cheaper. There aren’t enough problem solvers around which makes them rare and valuable. Even being able to identify the root cause vs symptom stops a lot of teams.


Now that I am older and hopefully wiser, I have come to appreciate a rounded education. Tech skill is easy to teach and learn. But personal skill is hard. Leadership skill is hard.

Also, writing, speaking and communication skills are under appreciated. I now wish I had taken more writing classes in college. That’s particularly lacking in Asians I think. Often parents just push the easily measured like math and science and overlooks the softer skills.

Agreed, a well rounded education is best in the long run. Add in street smarts and a drive to succeed and one would be unstoppable!!!

Leadership & Communication.

That’s all. The rest can employ others to do. As an employee, better have the relevant skills of the time :slight_smile: or you’re out of a job.

Here you go, @hanera. See, working hard (long hours) is advised…

I would cross our courage and put “grit” in there. Actually I don’t like vision either. :wink:

You don’t like vision probably because too many visions are talk cock, bullshits and day dreaming. Those guys who spit such visions corrupt the concept of vision.

Grit or courage or both? My England not good. Dare to do, persevere yet know when to stop. Which word?

Maybe 0.1% of people have a vision that’s actually correct.

Mark Cuban always spit bullshit… he just got lucky an idiot Yahoo! VP bought his shit for $6B.

Cuban was almost smart enough to hedge his position. He’s one of the few that wasn’t wiped out by the dotcom bubble. People thought he was an idiot to sell upside calls on 25% of his position, but options were so mispriced that the 25% covered buying puts on 100%.

Probably explain why his net worth is about the same as when he sold computer equipment. Always heavily hedged.