'Tectonic Time Bomb': Strong Quake on Hayward Fault Could Kill Hundreds


This map of the San Francisco Bay region, California, shows simulated ground shaking caused by the hypothetical magnitude-7.0 mainshock of the HayWired earthquake scenario on the Hayward Fault. Red shows the most extreme ground shaking and where damage is the worst. The mainshock begins beneath the City of Oakland (star) and causes the Hayward Fault to rupture along about 52 miles of its length (thick black line). White lines are other major faults in the region.


Omg fremont owners kiss goodbye to your homes! :scream:


West San Jose and Cupertino a-ok.


SF ok! Contra costa my neck of the woods ok! (Relatively speaking)…


I just found out that fire damage from/after earthquake is covered by home owners insurance and not earthquake insurance. Time to get a tesla flamethrower :grin:


Buy buy buy! Wait… bought already :man_dancing:
A small area in Cupertino did experience liquefaction (may be something milder, can’t recall clearly what I read so long ago) during Loma Prieta, mostly picture dropped or something like that.


So if we got rid of all the gas lines, would that reduce the risk of fires and deaths? Seems to me that using gas in this area is very risky, and with the amount of sun we get, it makes sense to convert everything to electric and solar.


That was the case way back when too. That’s why most of SF burned to the ground. People didn’t have earthquake insurance, but they had fire insurance. People set fire to everything.


If you install solar when replacing roof - u can get 30% credit for part/all of roofing cost also.
They sell seismic auto shutoff gas valves. It cost $200 on amazon.


Seems to me that the biggest problem is rupture along the main lines. But I agree the auto shutoff valves are a good thing.


:scream: :scream: :scream:



:sob: :sob: :sob:

Sell! Sell!! Sell!!!


I’m not sure if I remember correctly, but I thought the automatic shutoff valves were required when I purchased my house. It was done along with sewer lateral for inspection. There was also a refund for seismic retrofit. So at least fires would be unlikely triggered on the property but can’t say the same for all neighbors…

Not very worried about earthquake damage since it is not in liquifaction/slide zones. If anything, I think any earthquake damage would offer me an excuse to do some major remodeling/addition.



150 years since last quake. :scream: :scream: :scream:


Maybe we get lucky this time and it’s 170 years so we have 20 more years to go? :thinking:


The problem with the fires is it doesn’t matter where it starts. If the fire department isn’t right next to your house, can’t reach you because trees are blocking the road, has no water pressure because the main breaks, etc. etc. your house could still go down. From what I’ve heard f, it’s not the EQ that’s the issue, it’s the fires that destroy homes and kill people.

Then same person mentioned that whatever supplies you want to have need to be portable, so doesn’t matter if you have a freezer full of food and a solar cooker–you may have to evacuate by foot with whatever you can carry.


My nephews and nieces contacted me with the information that before yesterday at 4:30 PM or so, the mother of all earthquakes would hit SF and make it unlivable. I told them that thing has been around for tens of years now.

They said: Well uncle, we were just curious, to what I told them, no problem, but stop believing everything is out there.

At 6 PM, I sent them a message like this: Well, I am on the street now, my house crumbled on me. :rofl:

They started to send me messages trying to know if anybody in my family was hurt.

I replied: Don’t be fool kids, by now the news about this earthquake would be on any channel news. :smile::smile::smile:


The people who promote earthquake fears are like the global warming alarmists…Scare everyone and don’t provide solutions…Shameful…Earthquake proof or at least seismically upgrade your home for piece of mind… But most people in wood frame homes are safe…