Teenage Singaporean blogger granted asylum in U.S

Not everything is rosy in Singapore… Thank God for First Amendment.

Still hope in this world of stupidity.
He is lucky to be alive, not like many thousands of my former countrymen.

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Meanwhile, we need to protect our judges?


Not many Singaporeans supported Amos Yee. They have a different idea of social justice. Diversity of ideas makes this world interesting. Or are you saying, American ideas are the absolute correct ideas?

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Lee Kuan Yew’s response on free press

Different tradeoffs in society. Seems like Singapore people are cool with the speech restrictions so who are we to judge? I just don’t like it. So I am here in America instead of Singapore.


Lee was more like a king than a political leader…Now his son rules…Looks like Singapore is a de facto Monarchy…Seems quaint in the modern world…Well at least Lee Kew was a benign tyrant. …