Telecommuting/ WFH and Remote Work

Agree with CEO ABNB on future of work.

It’s time to get rid of managers. All of them.

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Brian Robertson, a self-described “recovering CEO” of a small software company, founded the organization HolacracyOne in 2007 along with Tom Thomison, a longtime entrepreneur.

By a CEO of a small

Enough said.

Anyhoo, thought he is talking about OO :grinning:

Using data from the US Postal Service and Zillow, we quantify the effect of Covid-19 on migration patterns and real estate markets within and across US cities.

We find two key results.
First, within large US cities, households, businesses, and real estate demand have moved from dense central business districts (CBDs) towards lower density suburban zip-codes. We label this the “Donut Effect” reflecting the movement of activity out of city centers to the suburban ring.

Second, while this observed reallocation occurs within cities, we do not see major reallocation across cities. That is, there is less evidence for large-scale movement of activity from large US cities to smaller regional cities or towns.

We rationalize these findings by noting that working patterns post pandemic will frequently be hybrid, with workers commuting to their business premises typically three days per week. This level of commuting is less than pre-pandemic, making suburbs relatively more popular, but too frequent to allow employees to leave the cities containing their employer.


Until recently, suburbs were the trend for decades (once the freeway system was built). Now we’re just reverting back to the longer-term trend. Turns out millennials aren’t all that different. They are just marrying later, so they created a urban boom while waiting.

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The most popular markets so far this year paint a picture of how remote work has changed the U.S. housing landscape. Demand for suburban homes found an extra gear last summer, causing suburban home values to grow faster than home values in urban areas, a reversal from previous norms and from the first 15 months of the pandemic. Remote work is a driving force behind this shift, prompting home buyers to prioritize affordability and space over a short commute.

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