Tenant Occupied Strategy Seems To Have Worked Here

and unlucky 4s might have scared some folks away… but still, $600k for this house… D…E…A…L. Now, just think of how to get tenant out or just wait it out…

Appears to be an all cash deal if closed in 2 weeks.

Good point…but I saw this when it first listed and if I were a first time buyer I would have been all over this. All cash does not always win. This is a great deal (in this market and in this city)…

I can tell that it is a problematic tenant by the car that’s parked up front. Good luck to the new owner, who dared to buy something numbered 44.

Hahahahha. You don’t like the skunk look? :slight_smile:

Google has this feature to see historical street view and for this location you can go way back to 2008 and you will see same Toyota Previa van parked on this house driveway back in 2008 as on streetview from 2015.

Aaah come on, they have the proud American flags flying high there…can’t be too bad of a tenant right???

Wait don’t you like to buy on busy streets and with deaths because of the discount it provides? The number and tenant are just another pricing opportunity.

You are right.