Tesla Charger: Hot New Accessory?

First picture of this listing shows a Tesla charging station. Is it a major selling point nowadays? How much does it cost to install one? Interestingly no mention of any solar panels.



Doubt it’s a selling point. Kinda like a pool – depends on the buyer. When I was shopping for homes, I didn’t want the expense, liability, upkeep of a pool. If a home had a pool, I factored $10-15k to remove.

If I own a tesla, great it saved me some money. If I don’t own a tesla well it’s useless and might have to pay to get it removed.

I am not sure this is that, but I would love to one day have the battery storage cell that saves the energy collected from the solar cells that you can use to power your entire home and car. You may still need gas service but if you collect a lot for free energy shoot I would convert all to electricity. Game. Changer.

Charger may not be selling point, but 220 V connection is definitely selling point. Each 220v-50amp installation costs $500 and running tube/wire over garage looks awkward. If it is built in, it looks nice.

Nowadays, 220V-50 amp connections inside garage and solar installed are selling point as many new houses coming with it.

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Sold! 805K. 15K over asking. Not sure if the Tesla charger helped…