Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


At what point do you think it’ll be wise to enter for a trade? I have what I want to hold. Considering if I should buy some for trading similar to what @Jil does frequently.


All trades are risky. I was always teasing @manch and wasn’t expecting him to follow. In any case, the price looks like an ascending triangle,

image https://d.stockcharts.com/school/data/media/chart_school/chart_analysis/chart_patterns/ascending_triangle_continuation/asctri-conti-prtl.png


Thanks for sharing your tech analysis. Always appreciated.


Where do you see ascending triangle?


Refer to my post 9 hrs ago - multiple year timeframe. Price by end of the year is $500+.


In that case, do you plan to buy TSLA shares buy and hold or just buy some calls?


Thinking… stop loss price is $245… long calls (so high IV)… short puts (hardly make)… buy underlying (100 shares is $28k)… leaning towards short puts (L20 $275) :thinking: Currently have 6 shares, 2mrw will add 12 shares and may be short 1 put initially…


Did these guys read this blog and front run us?
@Jil did you jump in PM?



Haha this thread. The gap between Tesla and fakes seems to be growing, not shrinking.

Nio admitting they aren’t going to build cars themselves, spent most of their earnings call bashing Tesla.

Germans falling further behind on cost/performance of EVs. Don’t have batteries, poor efficiency, etc…

Tesla closing stores, $35k release, and SEC creates FUD. I sold some other positions and added a modest 100 shares to this great deal.

Shanghai factory will be ready for equipment in 3 months, no capex for building.

Legitimate counter arguments to this absolute energy growth beast are welcome, but take your FUD ball home and go cry to your mommy.


I was not and will not buy TSLA now. Please do not try to follow me on TSLA, as I may not buy 30-60 days (Potentially, you may miss the chance) . I want to see economic impact of shutdown+stock market slow down.


If someone wants to challenge Tesla, they need to have equal muscle power of TSLA



But TSLA is a kind of your AAPL when it low, just buy bulk and hold for years. The volatility will soon go away ( may be in 6 to 9 months) depending on how world economy is growing. Presently, USA , China and euro are not good, but when they recover, TSLA will also go crazily.


TSLA is expensive! Recalled I bought :apple: when it was $1B-$10B. So TSLA is not like :apple:, go to 10x :thread: for possible candidate.


Even optimists believe in only $400 for Tesla. 2800 no way.


Even aapl was expensive during 1998, but you reap the fruit in recent years. TSLA is like that. It is highly volatile by this reason.

Any way, I have told this N times. Why should I be concern whether you buy or not ! Let me get it when I feel like. I have made enough money with TSLA!:rofl:


You’ll know you’ve made enough money with TSLA when you can sell it and use the proceeds to buy your dream mansion in Atherton.


Expensive as in the market cap is high not relative to other financial metrics. Volatility is high because float is too low for trading + high unpredictability of fundamentals.


That was back in 1998. $1B 20 years ago is equivalent to $10B today. So if you had bought AAPL at $5B back in 1998, it’s the same as buying TSLA at $50B today.

  • Cramer, host of “Mad Money,” was concerned about Tesla being able to maintain its margins but liked that the automaker moved purchasing online. Still, he said on “Squawk on the Street” that he’s “never seen a battleground like this in my lifetime. I mean, the stock, it’s either going to $0 or going to $1,000. And when you say it’s going to $1,000, people think you’re not rigorous, and when you say it’s going to $0, people think you’re un-American.”