Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


I never expected this time come early so soon ! Yes,Let is hit less than 300, waiting for my next opportunity, this time some more. I am convinced Musk can not sell the company for 420, but he has clearly messed it up.



A guy who is mean, lunatic and can’t sleep :joy: is he behaving like Jobs and Bezos?


True, Elon would have made many people sleepless too. I had two friends working in TSLA until 3 months before and both of them left the company as they felt no life, always work, work, extreme pressure work. They left after 5 years.


No. J&B have happy wives happy life.

I am willing to do that if money is good. Money better than FB, NFLX and Google?


You neither have the skill nor the stamina, so forget about it. Better just to buy the stock…


They joined as a fresher five years before, went up ladder, would have better stock options, definitely better than these three current pay as they joined 5 years before. Now, they left TSLA moved to FB and Google, mainly to get back their life !

One person worked in supply chain, then moved to Reno factory, more than 15-20 hours of work, no weekend rest etc. Even when his dad came from abroad, he used to lock the door and attend mtg on Saturdays and Sunday. Life was horrible ! It is the Elon’s commitment to public that resulted more pressure.

With this 420 private episode, everything will come to normalization (by SEC) as investors raise up and put up some real management person. Otherwise, TSLA is scary and may likely end up like Yahoo. TSLA now needs reliable good management person to streamline everything.



Funding secured… for rival.


Wonderful! :rofl:


Several people familiar estimated that Apple pays about one-and-a-half times the salary for technicians, software and manufacturing engineers than Tesla does today. That’s important in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, where living expenses are among the highest in the world.

A former Tesla vehicle engineer who was laid off by the company in June said that stock options at Apple would probably be more attractive than they are at Tesla during a rocky time. Many employees at Tesla already sell their options as soon as they are able to in order to make up for the relatively average salaries and the high cost of living around Silicon Valley, he said.


Death spiral?


There’s always google who is more than happy to acquire Tsla if Apple doesn’t :slight_smile:


Isn’t it cheaper to pay TSLA engineers 1-2 times more than to acquire TSLA?


TSLA comp is terrible from what I’ve heard and seen. They expect you to believe in the mission and privilege of being able to tell people you work for TSLA.


Yes but you know those costs wasted on those salaries will get flushed down the drain, might as well use that to pay more dividends… :rofl:



I thought they stopped doing the driving test at the end of the line?



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