Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching






Tesla’s make-or-break moment has been “fast approaching” for months since that article was written. So do we have a verdict? Is it a “make” or a “break”??? :rofl:




What’s to stop the Chinese or anyone else from reverse engineering the Tesla. Then what?


You can say that about any company?


Yes but the only thing Tesla has is their secret sauce. Otherwise Musk is swimming naked with sharks. Plenty of competition from BMW, GM and several Chinese companies including battery makers.


I asked a simple question. Nobody wants to answer that. Instead, they either ignore or bring up other things to circumvent answering it directly… :rofl:


I figure Tesla had a three year lead. So we will see when the make or break is. But he is way behind his own schedule, so the jackals are on his heels.


People love their Tesla cars(extremely high user satisfaction).

However, they have HUGE growing pains(after sales service requirements are going up with more cars+production issues)+money requirements. If they can fix these fast they should be good to go.


They are breaking, but people look the other way and keep trusting him.


Emperor has no clothes??? So hard to find a real life example of that these days… :rofl:


Also, Aapl keeps rising and Tsla keeps falling. Maybe that iCar really is coming out anytime now and take the world by storm!!! :rofl:


Ming Chi says Apple Car will be ready in 2023, so Elon has 5 years to make it.


Great for my dim sum bet. Before Apple rolls out the cars there will be huge doubt on Wall Street on capex and margins etc, pushing AAPL way down.


wuqijun: win-win (aapl+tsla)
hanera: win-lose (aapl only)
manch: lose-lose (no aapl no tsla)


With Elon in jail? :smile:


What about Bezo’s heart attack?


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