Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


I can’t believe so much crap on this topic. I could read some posters going nuts, from attacking Musk to finally admiring him. I think most of them were never involved in any manufacturing type of jobs. So, they ignore some things like R&D, suppliers failing to deliver, and, most of it comes from a company in its early stages no matter how old you think Tesla is. It is still crawling and will grow up some day.

That’s all


I think you have correctly pointed out the path of some posters here. :wink:


Not good to assume people know nothing. Not everyone like to write prose in forum :grinning:


Were you in Redfin forums when Facebook IPO went on? You would have laughed at them posters if you knew they are here, but many said it was a failure. Now, they are cheerleaders for it. :rofl:


I joined the forum fairly late. Are you referring to manch?:shushing_face:


No. Elt1 remembers those names pretty good.


I remember people (Lexa) attacking me for attacking Musk.
Musk is a public figure. Public figures are fair game. Attacking anonymous people on this forum is a waste of time.


TSLA sank below $300. Anyone buying?


I would rather a corvette or a camaro SS


Mercedes Unveils First Tesla Rival in $12 Billion Attack



Elon messed up the Stock price, more and more Institutions are leaving TSLA (In bloomberg, I heard MS and GS reduced)

Other source fidelity (reducing Mutual funds or insititutions exposure data)



It’s a very good time to buy. Maybe not as good as when I had bought it at $35, but still very good. :slight_smile:



Buy around 250?



That’s definitely impressive for that price of car to sell that many.


A lot of it is driven by the valley i think. Very common to see the model 3 on the roads these days. I have several co-workers who have already received their model 3 or have ordered it (and we are an old school tech company).

my case (Honda -> Model 3)
Co-worker A: Porsche Boxster -> Model 3
Co-worker B: BMW (3? 5?) -> Model 3
Co-worker C: ?? -> Model 3
Co-worker D: Leaf -> Model 3
and a few more but too lazy to write up


My brother is picking up his 3 later today. :slight_smile:
His current car is Camaro.


I see more and more on the road here in Seattle.



You lead the purchase?