Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Why not? You are not saying Tesla will default its bond aren’t you? :scream:


They might… in that case the bond holder is doomed. :slight_smile:


Obama saved Tesla last time. It seems unlikely that Trump will save it this time.

Is it time to sell Tsla?


The tech story is wearing thin. As a car company Tesla is swimming naked as the tide goes out. Most car companies make very little profit. Even GM is looking better than Tesla right now.


Buy when there’s blood on the street.


Or buy when there’s blood in the car?


Tesla was smart issuing bonds. They still only have to pay the coupon rate in interest. It doesn’t impact them if the price of the bond falls. They were smart to get $100 for bonds that are now only $87.


$257 is still too expensive. I will think about it when it drops below $200.


You are realestateforum’s WB , holding strongly !


It is not yet come to that level.


It could be as low as it’s going to get though.


Are you mostly in cash then? You always say nothing is low enough for you to buy.


Yes I only have about 20% left in stocks because I am looking to pour most of my funds to my next property.


Negative cash flow and no profit. 190 in less than three months.


Happy waiting :crazy_face:


In no rush at all, right @tomato? :slight_smile:


Nobody think TSLA would go insolvent, so can use TA :slight_smile: Think would add 3 more 2mrw.


Tesla can go under faster than you think.



Another blow to TSLA.


By Tim Higgins
Updated March 29, 2018 6:21 p.m. ET

Tesla Inc. TSLA is voluntarily recalling about 123,000 Model S sedans globally after discovering that certain corroding bolts in cold weather climates could lead to a power-steering failure.

The Silicon Valley auto maker on Thursday said the recall, believed to be the company’s largest ever, applies to Model S sedans built before April 2016. Tesla said the issue is known to have involved less than 0.02% of the potentially affected vehicles in the U.S.

Tesla has sold about 280,000 total vehicles through the end of last year.

“There have been no injuries or accidents due to this component, despite accumulating more than a billion miles of driving,” according to an email being sent to customers by Tesla.

The recall to retrofit the power steering component adds to the string of challenges Chief Executive Elon Musk is dealing with as he tries to boost production of the Tesla’s mass-market Model 3 sedan and conserve the company’s cash supply.


I wonder what their corrosion testing protocol is. Any bolt should have to pass x hours of salt bath based on where it is on the car. Also, the whole vehicle is driven through pretty deep salt water for a set distance and number of times.

I suspect they’ll have way more of these issues as they produce a mainstream car that’s driven a lot.