Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Well I was the first to receive it, but everyone had ordered independently of each other. I think I was the only line waiter. FWIW A few co-workers also did cancel their reservations.


More likely JNPR.


Top three US networking companies
Cisco founded in 1984
Aruba founded in 1986
Juniper founded in 1996


I think the chance of you guys figuring out where I work is probably the same as you figuring out @harriet 's real name.


Her name is Harriet :slight_smile: is the real name

I choose Cisco because I can’t recall the other two have presence in Singapore.


I will give you a clue. I only worked for local companies in Singapore. And didn’t work for any of the companies I worked for in the Bay area in Singapore.


Presume local excludes DSTA, DSO, SCO, SCS, NCB :slight_smile: Otherwise, I might know you :slight_smile:


TSLA plunges after accounting and HR chiefs are leaving. Will AAPL buy TSLA if the price is right or never because of cultural differences? Obviously Elon will be shown the door.


Tesla has nothing except for the Elon cult.


The day after he started, Musk tweeted he was considering taking the company private with “funding secured.” Morton, who left his role as Seagate’s CFO to join Tesla, was not flustered by the tweet and met with Musk to go over various details that would make a take-private difficult. He brought up specific details such as equity change of control provisions and potential step-ups in the value of Tesla’s debt associated with a new controlling shareholder.

Musk and other executives didn’t seem to care about the various financial obstacles, which concerned Morton, said the people. When Morton offered advice about capitalizing the company through other means rather than going private, he was ignored, said the people.

So musk is not alone in the crazy go-private fiasco. There are other nut jobs around him who cheered him alone. It really is a swamp up there.


Group think? That would be bad.


All I see is TSLA near by 250 (or now 260) is really good buy as I do not think it will go down further drastically to 200-225 range. Unfortunately, I do not have cash to buy stocks, all 100% invested.






You could do 300%. :smile:


wasn’t jil the one who was calling end of stock amrket as we know it? where’s all that money in? bonds or re?


TEVA, when it is dropped, I bought more, betting with WB ! I had limit orders setup with TEVA at $21.25, $20.50 and $20


Stocks going down about Elon Musk using Smoke or similar sensational news is speculative.

It does not have any fundamental reasons like tariff impact, production delay (people resignation is temporary impact) or any similar reasons.

In a month or two, when TSLA produces results, the prices will jump.

On technical side, the RSI falls below 30 around 27, worst case it can go to 15 level. BTW: RSI is not so reliable but an indicator only.


Your average should be much lower than that. Mine is $22.45.


I bought bulk at $17.22, but to me anything less than 21.5 looks attractive. Consensus earning 0.54 EPS, but it is easy for TEVA to beat the 0.54 with EpiPen FDA approval on board for them.