Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Did you load up on FB?

If TSLA can be blindly bought why wait for price fall? Why not buy now?


About $10k worth, $40k to go, what about you?


Will scale FB to 1M.


I do not favor blind buy either for TSLA or FB or any other stock. I want to get max ROI for my limited amount of money.


Dream on!


traders mindset :rofl:


Even if I want to buy and hold, I would seek the best low possible so that I get max safety and max ROI for my money.

Now, you see why I buy 200 shares? If I buy 200 shares, at some point around $350 or above, I will sell 100 shares and hold the rest 100 forever. Simple reason, my investment amount is reduced drastically.


You mean investors mindset is gifting the cash to others? :rofl:


Sell which batch? The higher price one (reduce tax) or the lower price one?

Sufficient margin of safety is good enough.


I always prefer to sell higher priced one (taking less profit, reduce tax).


Carriages dragged by horses to cars are far bigger jump than petrol cars to AVs.

Do people own carriages then? Or carriages are for rent only?
Are early cars for rent only or owned privately?
What are the hp of early cars? Cost effectiveness of cars vs horses?
Carriages vs cars, most women and children prefer which ones then?

Currently we can hop into the car and drive off on a wimp. What is the delay of AV? How easy to communicate to AV reliably? Are map able to capture construction in progress? Can AV navigate reliably in construction areas?


I hope you have listened to Tony Sega, he has even answered these.


Finished listening. Didn’t pick up his anwser. Can’t understand his accent :joy: what is the answer? Too boring to listen again.


Apple will be much more successful in cars than Tesla ever will. EV is fundamentally much simpler than ICE cars because there are 10x fewer moving parts. With self driving software will be key, so Apple being the world’s best hardware+software integrator will own the cars of the future.

I may buy AAPL again when people got freaked out by the capex and low margin of the car business. Right now there many other names like FB, AMZN and NFLX that are more interesting than AAPL.

I will post this article again:


Vehicles need to navigate from one place to another place safely and reliably. So we need a good map, a navigation software and a control system that would keep from getting into accidents.

Only Apple and Google have a map system :slight_smile:



“Tesla’s stock slid more than 6 percent Friday after Musk, in a podcast with comedian Joe Rogan, took a hit from a joint filled with marijuana and tobacco. Although pot is legal in California, where the podcast was taped, it was the kind of behavior rarely seen from a CEO whose company is worth nearly $45 billion.”

Do you think that Elon does not know when he Smokes “marijuana and tobacco”, it will come in all headlines?
He knows very well. Then, why is he doing that?

The message is for SEC, to escape from SEC direct punishment to Elon Musk. He would have consulted his lawyers how to escape from SEC direct punishment such as some jail terms? This is the alibi would have been silently suggested by his lawyers.

Remember Trump statement…“Media/News are not correctly telling the story…”. News/Media pick up the exact story what Elon wanted to publish everywhere that he is addicted to drugs (legal way).


So it’s a tactic? There is more intrigue here than that Chinese concubine court drama… :rofl:


Happy anniversary!


That’s so random…lol