Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Exactly like me. Hate driving & hardly drive so don’t want to relearn. So only Japanese cars. Lexus and Acura :slight_smile: only.


Only IoT I have is iRobot Roomba :slight_smile: Thought it can dance :slight_smile:


Next car, try EV car. Once you use them, you will never like to drive Gas car.

Lol: Buy Tesla roadster founder series, drive long 620 miles/charge, it is just 250k !!:rofl:


Probably 5+ years later. Cars are still in very good condition. Heard a lot of good things about EVs.

Drive an Austin SFH around? Not a good investment. For how little I drive, batteries probably degrade a lot faster than if I’m driving like you.


How are you guys this active? Don’t you guys work? lol


Pretty much every car company is planning an EV:

I expect the global car supply chain will devote lots and lots of R&D on EV, pretty much destroying any kind of first mover advantage Tesla has. It’s a replay of 80s Apple vs PC, fully integrated vs modular. Clay Christensen’s disruption theory at play once again.


Cost: Recently, Chins had one IPO NIO, but unable to break so far on cost. There are plenty of competitors and nearest company next to TSLA is GM Bolt. Even they were unable to beat model 3 base price.

Technology: Tesla super charger gives 80% of 100KW battery in 30 minutes, while GM Bolt (or others) take 40 minutes to charge 80% of 60KW battery.

Autopilot is already with Tesla on road, while GM bolt today joining with Honda (& soft bank) to go for Autopilot.

620 miles/charge Roadstar is in TSLA design, but others are not even getting in to 300 miles range now.

Many competitors are way behind Tesla…

There are plenty of social sites, but FB stands out (leader in that space), plenty of phones (Samsung, Apple stands out) leader in that space, similarly Google stands out in search engine…etc

Here comes the master minded Elon (You can call Elon Cult) who has created strong infrastructure (Massive upfront cost, but lowest manufacturing cost later on) that no one can beat him easily.

He cuts costs in many ways, like there is no dealer, no negotiation, direct sales…etc.

The leader and innovator stands out and it is hard to break the leader that applies to TSLA too.


I think even Tesla can’t beat the model 3 base price, as they are now making only the premium versions that can sell for more. The base price seems more as a advertising tool than something real you can buy today.


True, that is marketing tactics of Tesla which we - as investors - appreciate as it improves profit margin.

If someone like to go for base model, they can still get it at 35k price !


The base model is still not configurable or available unless I missed something. One more thing everyone should be aware of, Tesla will be on a backfoot starting next year as their Federal credit will phase out. They are going to be $7500 more then anyone else because of that (at least till the next one on the list Nissan hits the phase out).

So is Tesla going to be sufficiently differentiated when you don’t have the federal credit in the $30,000 - $60,000 market


You are right. Base model 210 miles/charge range is 35k before incentive, that is not configurable.

Looks like demand is there, they suppressed 35k model and it allows to order minimum 49000 (with incentives 36,600).

Please note that California is also changing rules, for those 1040 taxable income more than 300k, either $2500 incentives or car pool sticker, but not both.

Same way, Bolt also removed $2000 rebate between 2017 and 2018. I bought 2017 bolt $1500 less than 2018 bolt as GM removed some incentives to customers as demand increased. Checked 4 different Chevy dealers all confirmed that Chevy reduced customers incentive.


The dealer rebates have been pruned back significantly in 2018. We had a tough time shopping for the 2018 leaf because of the significant reduction in dealer rebates/discounts. Most of the dealerships were in pretty similar price bands as about the big things that could affect the price were - Federal rebate ($7,500), then Nissan Loyalty ($2,000), Vehicle Purchase Plan ($500 - $1000), and finally what discounts the dealer wanted to kick in in conjunction with the manufacturer. So per month our lease has gone up a bit on the 2018 compared to the 2015.

btw i hate the way that Tesla displays pricing on their web site as they include implied savings from electricity rather then gas. However the rate they use for electricity is not applicable for your average California consumer


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富二代??? I would prefer self-made…



Hmmm, hype…GM is joining with Honda, getting funding from them and from soft bank, trying to create a start-up called Cruise and float that as an IPO worth 14 Billion for autonomous driving. This is long way to go, way behind WAYMO and autopilot.


Actually Cruise is much better than Tesla autopilot. Not sure about Waymo.


He finally realized he is the boss ONLY at Tesla :smile:

Mr. Musk’s 48 hours of obstinance came at a significant price to him and the company. They had passed on Thursday’s generous offer, and the S.E.C. felt compelled to extract greater concessions. The ban on Mr. Musk’s serving as chairman went from two years to three, and his fine doubled to $20 million. Tesla will also pay a $20 million fine, and Mr. Musk agreed to personally buy the same amount in Tesla stock.
The S.E.C. is also requiring the company to add two independent directors and to elect an independent director as chairman.

“Rejecting such a favorable settlement is proof that he needs monitoring,” said John C. Coffee Jr., a professor at Columbia Law School. “He didn’t have a legal leg to stand on, and I’m sure his lawyer told him that. But he got very touchy about not being able to proclaim his innocence.”