Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Market responds by…



How does musk buying the stock benefit Tesla? Musk just bought the shares from other stock holders, not Tesla.


Not related sir. That article is old news. I posted it days ago.



Again, sensational not fundamental

I am readying my money to plunge again if it goes down below 270. This time, I will place limit orders for $265 and $260. Waiting for next opportunity!


My GTC purchase is way lower.




If you see the one year low it is 244.59 , but one year high 387.46. I do not expect this stock to go below $240 now. Getting TSLA at less than 250 is very low chance. As long as I get any stock at 10% above the 52 week low, I feel better margin of safety.

Sample: The way I do is GTC X shares for 265 and then GTC with another X at 260 and then another lot 2X at 250. Whatever it hits, I keep as I do not know how low it can go.

Same thing I did with MU, grabbing at $42.95 to 44 ranges, just get any stock within bottom 10% of 52 week low.

Simple reason (Margin of Safety) is that I stand to loose 10% likely, but stand to gain 90% likely. It is all statistics/probabilities way.

During these purchases, All I need to see is whether the company is making good progress fundamentally or not.

MU - Sales/results are better than last quarter, TSLA - based on dispatches, results are better than last quarter, similarly for AAPL and TEVA.

This is where I am skeptical on FB, the future qtr are not so good like past qtr (as hinted by Mark Z). I am staying away from FB.


When economy crash, this will happen !



Oh Elon…


Added more today :cry:


Someone needs to take away his phone


I thought part of the agreement is that he can’t tweet random shit anymore? The ink is still wet and he’s back in the game?


He really wants a showdown with the SEC. He’s digging more:

He’s off his meds now.


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Poor you… :rofl:


No!!! Let him speak!!! :rofl:


Not yet. Still dropping.



I would be upset too and spit all over the media if I got fined $20 million… :rofl: