Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Easy to covert people to EV: make the damn thing cheaper.


Will get there. Computers used to take up the entire room and prohibitively expensive. Model 3 is already 2x cheaper than the first generation roadster. Go Tesla!


Need volume. Con more people to be early adopters. We join the mainstream :sweat_smile:


I am waiting to buy an Apple Car.




What? Forgot your medicine today? :smile:


Why do you have a tendency to accuse other people of your own condition?


With up to $7,500 federal tax credit, up to $4,500 Cali rebate, and $500 rebate from PG&E, you can get a potential discount of $12,500 off an electric car .


Did you buy more today? You kept saying it couldn’t drop below x but it always finds its way there.



Over the past three years, our results have been far worse than we could have imagined, and it’s been a bull market to boot. Yes, we have made some obvious mistakes – the worst of which was not assessing that SunEdison was a fraud in 2015 – but there have been others. A number of years ago one of our investors said Amazon would surpass Apple and become the most valuable company in the world. We didn’t get it then and, truthfully, we don’t really get it now. But, there is a reasonable possibility that he will be proven right.

Some have looked for reasons other than isolated mistakes. Theories include getting older, changing lifestyles, and an unwillingness to adapt to new market environments. We have been accused of being stubborn, but one person’s stubbornness is another person’s discipline. We will continue to be disciplined. Although it might be nice to have something to blame for the poor results, the truth is that we have been making every effort and leading with our best thinking.


You can also be very “disciplined” in believing the earth is flat like most people back in the Middle Ages did…


This is what I told: Hope you read well. if not, please re-read my statements.

This is what I did today:

Why doubt my statements? Here is the proof of my purchase.

BTW: I do not have more money as I already own lot of TSLA shares at $269 range.


Uh…below was also what you said:

Nobody is doubting your purchases; I think you misinterpreted. Don’t doubt the possibilities of the stock market. It may touch $250 many times, or it may touch $400 many times. Never say never.


Read the thread again.

This was the first statement (You posted here) I said.

Then, tomato countered me telling it comes to 270 many times.

I realized my statement and then modified telling this.

That is why I said, re-read the thread again.

What you are telling is the same statement tomato tried to correct me already. you are trying to re-invent as if it is new.

If argument sake you say this, “It may touch $250 many times, or it may touch $400 many times”

There is no point in any discussion as any company price may touch 1 cents or even 300000k.

Above all, there is no point in arguing this kind of discussion as my aim is to maximize my benefit. My aim is to get the TSLA shares as near to 250 as much possible and sell it as near to as 400 or above possible.

Whatever I say, I clearly indicated “IMO” => In my opinion , you understand this. This may be right or wrong, I am not guaranteeing any one and anything as this my own opinion.

If you do not like it, feel free to ignore it.

I strongly feel it is better to for you and me to ignore each other statements. PERIOD. I stop here.


If I want to ignore your posts, I will, don’t you worry, but I don’t understand why you are so worked up about this. I asked you whether you bought and you got all upset. Oh well whatever.


Err… did you manage to upset two people in a row? :smile:


I wasn’t gonna say this (or else somebody will say I’m mean again), but I think it’s the menopausal phase.


We need to go over some basic facts about men with you. I heard @hanera is an expert in that area. :smile: Remind us to bring it up tomorrow.


I have some guy friends too so I think I am fine. I’m not living in a cave you know :roll_eyes:


But the question is, do you have any menopausal guy friends? :wink: