Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


He wanted to build a “fully” automated manufacturing plant, which he has failed in the short term, hence the new hiring.


That’s what Tesla always does. Oh, we missed our manufacturing target. Ok, we’ll just increase the future target. Um, they didn’t hit your existing target, so why should we have any confidence in hitting a higher target? Maybe if they’d beat the prior target, then it’d be believable to increase the future target.


Elon should work for Trump. They both use the same executive style and assume none us have memories


Wouldn’t that be an insult to Mr. Musk? If anything, trump should work for him instead.


Musk is getting away with it though.


Elon was working with Trump as Tech adviser, but came out when Trump was not supporting alternate energy subsidy (climate change) !


Trump has no awareness of environmental challenges. His wanton waste of valuable natural resources will be creating bad karma that will come back and bite him in the ass… :smile:


Trump is old. The environment is the least of his concerns. He has Mueller making his environment sheer hell.


Article in German. Open in Google chrome for translation.


Absolut, es ist ein Kinderspiel, TSLA zu kaufen. Die Zeit wird beweisen, dass alle Skeptiker falsch sind.


Tesla’s Autopilot steered car toward barrier before deadly crash, investigators say - The Verge


Tesla is a death trap.


Tesla shareholder wants to remove Elon Musk from chairman position

Elon Musk appears emotional as he overcomes vote to remove him from Tesla board

Tesla was always a bet on Elon Musk—and now it’s even more of one

Tesla factory employees describe grueling work conditions where people pass out ‘like a pancake’ Darth Vader’s style.

California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health has opened an investigation into Tesla following a report from Reveal detailing whistleblower allegations that Tesla was underreporting serious workplace injuries at its Fremont, California, factory.


Just talking about it is not going to increase your net worth to $25M or $100M. Do something. Buy it or short it.


This is what cults look like.


I’m thinking of putting in some money in Tesla. Terrible idea?


Where were you when it was at 250 two months ago? However, investing is not a sprint, but a marathon. So go ahead, it’s never too late :slight_smile:


He is listening to the market like manch. When it is going down, don’t buy. When it is going up, buy. The higher it goes, the more he buys.




If I’m buying for the next 5-10 years and TSLA doesn’t go bankrupt, I should be okay.
lol that’s why I’m me and not pros like you guys.