Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Tesla Has a New 50-Stall Charging Station in Hong Kong



During initial purchase, TSLA accounts $2000 one time for daily 30 minutes charging. Recent times, TSLA made it optional to customers to include or exclude such charging. If initial $2000 is not paid, TSLA charges customer using charging station.


Tearing Apart Teslas to Find Elon Musk’s Best and Worst Decisions

A look inside reveals why the Model 3 risks missing out on big profits.



Some of the design things are crazy. Stampings are faster and cheaper to make, but they can come with very high tooling costs. I wonder if they were burning too much cash, so they decided on some more expensive designs vs. spending more on tooling. They are making some beginner mistakes on manufacturing.


I would never buy a car in the first year or two. The 3 is still a beta product. A used S makes more sense.


Yes, it is there for every company. Yesterday morning, CNBC (audio) was very negative about NFLX cash burn and will not sustain…like that.

They were talking at that time NFLX was way down in price. As as investor, I see growth possibilities at the price $329 range as this possible low point.

Same thing to TSLA at $250-260 range, it is too low. This is pure margin of safety.

I do not support if TSLA is at 450 now or NFLX at 450 now unless both companies grow to that level of pricing.

During the last week, I happen to get lot of stocks at possible low point, ADBE at $239, AMZN at $1699, TEVA at $20.90, SIRI at $6, MU at $41.75, EA at $104.70, NVDA at $238…so many cheap deals that is why I called it is thanksgiving sales of stocks.

Most of the stocks I intend to hold at least 50% of my holdings.

In short, It depends on the price you buy. As years roll on profit will set aside cash burn as long as you see visibility of profit. Every car they sell must give at least $7500 (this is the lowest of all car manufacturer). This way, TSLA improved delivery from 53000 to 83000 and they continue to grow.

If cash burn is real issue for TSLA, then they would have focused on paying the debt, but they went on buying 145 Million land at China factory. This means, I infer, they will be able to take care on debt soon or refinance later.


TSLA (and NFLX) is going on debt, for growth and tax purposes, while making progress. This is exactly like what we do purchasing the home with mortgage rather than full cash. Am I worried taking a 30 year fixed - it is a cash burn for next 30 years commitment? Many here eager to take on mortgages, even at a higher rate, as long as banks are lending. If this is the case, why TSLA (or NFLX) not use the debt to grow and get tax benefit? That is what both the companies do.

Either this year or next year is year of turning point for TSLA. Then, buy at low now around 250, hold forever will work.


Another troll job by Dana Hull, rehashing some old quotes by Munro. Months later he said he was wrong. She forgot to add those pieces.

Just take a look at this video and let me know if you think Munro is down on the Model 3





Just take a good look at Mr. Chanos’ face. Does this person look like someone you’d like to side with?


image hmmm, close enough to Thanos (Josh Brolin actor) who killed off half of the universe…



You gave him way too much credence :rofl:


The $35k 3 was a lie nobody believed. Besides why sell a car for $35k when people will pay $60k.
Musk is a liar and a huckster . But he played it right on the 3. Got feverish demand and gets to charge whatever the market will bear


He’s not wrong about SoftBank. They’ll throw money at just about anything. I still wouldn’t short it though. The cost is too high, so it makes it very difficult to make a profit shorting it.


Companies like softbank goes towards Pre-IPO startups so that they get max benefits. They not only make money through stocks, funding, but also make commissions for under writing those companies.



Looks like $250 is a triple bottom. If it sinks below what’s the next step @hanera?


I have already placed 50 shares TSLA limit 250. Let me see whether it hits that!


My GTC purchase is at $240s.


You are missing the boat many times! So far, I booked $8000+ profit from TSLA and still holding big chunk of TSLA.

Be smart, that is all I can say. What to do is left to you!