Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


He’s doesn’t need it. Only pocket change and playing for fun. The AAPL dividend he gets every quarter is already $8000+ profit.


I thought he took the opportunity to insult :disappointed_relieved: me, thank you for the explanation :grinning:


Oh NO, not to insult you. You are missing the good opportunity. you set too low, but with TSLA lot of easy ways to improve the profitability.

So far, except one time put sale,year 2014, I never made any loss with TSLA.

Even my 251 GTC failed to get me. I set $251 as I have almost 500+ shares of TSLA. I always maintain between 300 to 600 range so that I make good amount of money.

In short, I hold 300 constant and balance 300 trading to get volatility benefit.

Simply lowering GTC price won’t get you returns.


Elon Musk’s extreme micro-management has wasted time and money at Tesla, insiders say - CNBC


Tesla Short Seller Warns of ‘Massive’ Supply-Chain Disruption

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  • Safkhet founder says carmaker hasn’t paid some of its vendors



Behind his back, employees turned to a method pioneered by Toyota, known as “kanban,” to solve their problems. In its simplest form, workers using “kanbans” put up workflow charts, schedules and cards around a production line to help keep track of items they have and items they need.

But because kanbans were pioneered by Toyota, workers thought they had to hide their kanban cards from Musk during his visits to the factory. Half a dozen current and former Tesla workers say that supervisors in Fremont warned them that if Musk discovered kanban cards posted around their work areas, they were in danger of being fired.

Musk is nuts. Full of hubris and shit.

He’s just like Steve Jobs 1.0, the genius who launched Apple but got kicked out. Like jobs musk is a druggie. Except Elon is 20 years older and supposed to be more mature.


Musk has decreed that Tesla should build its own software where possible, instead of relying on business factory management programs like SAP or Sage, or service center and dealership software like QuickBase, DealerTrack or ADP. (The company does use some outside apps, like Atlassian JIRA and Coupa, but aims to become completely self-reliant, employees said.)

Among Tesla’s many homemade business applications is a purchasing order system called WARP, previously known as Warpdrive. WARP is also used for car work orders in service centers.

Workers said detailed invoices are hard to find in the WARP system, which does not allow for easy searches. One said he thought he was within budget and found nearly $1 million in charges had been invoiced to his team’s project by unknown colleagues. They were now over budget, but he couldn’t find out why or who was responsible.



Who’s Ahead in the Battery Race?

Tesla, a French billionaire and a U.S. startup are leading the pack.



Chaotic. Just like a startup. Full of potential… :rofl:


This is, in fact, positive about Tesla’s trade secret.

Elon has introduced indigenous product, be it software, technology, battery back or production related to own in house, so that no competitor gets the details.

This is like creating a bastion around a city, he created entire technology within himself, like the way Coca-Cola or WD-40 company made.

He let one or two companies to collaborate and know the know-how covered with Code of Business Conduct, Trade mark and Patent protection.

Even in China, he is not going to sub-contract (that is what I heard) production, but essential part and cars will be built-in within his factory premises only.

This is the main reason no one is able to beat his level of technology even after 5 years.


Building non-core stuff was exactly what Steve Jobs 1.0 did. I remember reading how Jobs had this beautiful factory full of robots (in Fremont too?) to build NeXT machines, very similar to what Musk was trying to do.

I think Tesla will be like Apple 1.0 in how it will lose the war against an entire ecosystem of EV’s, just like Apple lost the war against PC’s. Other car manufacturers will be able to leverage modular tech but Tesla insists on building custom. Tesla won’t be able to compete on costs.


Time only will tell us who is right and who is wrong. May be after 5 to 10 years.

On any case, I plan to hold 50% of my TSLA ownership like the way hanera held AAPL.


Hold 100%


I bought double the amount of allocated money. With current allocation, TEVA is 50% and TSLA is 30% leaving only 20% for other securities such as GOOGL, AMZN, MSFT, ADBE, COST…etc

Holding 80% (TSLA and TEVA) is high as I may not have cash to rotate with other securities.

My ultimate allocation will be TEVA(25% - 30%) and TSLA(15% - 20%) to 50%, leaving enough cash for all other stocks.


Hold 200% i.e. 100% Margin :grin:


That is the good way to reduce my profit by risky bets ! :rofl:


1990 article on NeXT. Yes the factory was in Fremont. It’s crazy how Jobs was way ahead of his time. So ahead that even today iPhones are still mostly assembled by hand in China, instead being built by robots in the US.

All Next Inc.'s Plant Lacks Is Orders - The New York Times



You mean to say “TSLA will be soon trillion dollar company…” like AAPL? :rofl:

BTW: I placed 250.25 buy order !:smile:


Tesla stock is where it was in early 2017.
Meanwhile Musk lies as much as Trump. Management in the 21st century?


Musk and Trump has similarities, they never listen to anyone, and they are Childish talk, and both are Crooked (or Shrewd) !

The last part is interesting, they survive all the winds.

Coming back to TSLA in early 2017, when I see more TSLA cars on road than 2017, is an attractive investment.

That is the main reason, I have been trying to get as much shares as possible. I have even revised my order to 252.50 now and trying to get TSLA at its low point before Nov 6th after which entire stock may be wild any direction. I am not suggesting any one to buy , but trying to grab as much possible I can get.

IMO, Tesla results may be one of the key turning point.