Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching



Trading? Or buy n hold?


Buy and hold.


Which brokerage is that app?


No way to catch you !:joy:


Charles Schwab.


You can! I did ask people to match my wager… :laughing:


All I have this 525 TSLA, no way near to you ! If Possible, I may get 75 tomorrow (I do not know at this time), even with this, I can not match…


Buy buy buy!!! :smile:


Calling on @hanera to follow the lead.


Really? You do not have even the last one purchased? Hmmm, TSLA is an easy cake to eat.


Absolutely. Thanks @jil! I bought mostly because you sounded so convincing :slight_smile:


Damn, I should have bought the options chains yesterday.


Not only you, but me too. I placed calls, as I had small amount, then cancelled it later thinking too much speculative move.

Now, I calculated almost $100k loss on my would have been purchase.



OUCH! I feel your pain.


Long term, TSLA is worth as it is not going away, but keep growing year after year.

Seeing the run today, I understand lot of Short Sellers (like Andrew Left) depressing the stock to maximize their gains. They are all releasing their shorts before the results are coming out.

No company sells car at loss. If tesla has hidden profit $7500/car they make almost a Bln like this.



Are wu qi jun and jil throwing a party?
Best location for meetup is not Dragon Beaux, is Princess palace, bring ingredients there for a hotpot party.


Judgement Day is tomorrow. :smiling_imp: