Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching



TSLA made it



Killing it after hours.


Wu Qi Jun and JIL are doing extremely well with TSLA.
15% up from $275 after 1 week?


That’s impressive they swung to that big of profit. GM is generating 3x the operating profit and has a smaller market cap. How long will it take TSLA to add 2 more factories to match GM operating profit?


Do not look at the 15% in a week as he is not selling them forever.

The only regret is that you are not fully convinced of TSLA as a good company or long growth !


I do not know exact answers for you. Like I expected, TSLA makes appx between $7500 to $12500 profit per car. TSLA will be doing fine hereafter.

They have capacity up to 500k cars/year with full swing of Nevada Giga-Factory.

In addition, they started China Factory. In 18-24 months, they will serve entire China EV market for them.

Second, TSLA is not car making only, but also Solar installer, Solar Storage. From year 2020, all new homes need to have solar panels/solar power source.


You two didn’t try hard enough to convince me during the meetups. I need more persuasion :tired_face:


Both published openly how much we bought/hold. More than this, what way we can convince you.


You either drink Elon’s koolaid or you don’t.


3rd Qtr results comparison (Ford Vs Tesla), Revenue: $6.82 billion has a higher profit margin





Like a phone update bam


California wants 15.4 percent of vehicle sales by 2025 to be EVs or other zero emission vehicles. Nine other states, including Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, have adopted those requirements. In January, California Governor Jerry Brown set a target of 5 million zero-emission vehicles in California by 2030.


Now, FBI into TSLA

Another chance to buy if it comes down !


doubtful it’ll go below $300 again.


I don’t have a dog in this fight - neither owning nor investing in TSLA. I prefer to watch from a distance on this one.

Here’s a very nicely done (IMHO) infographic on this recent TSLA “surprise to the upside” move:


Tesla is too difficult to understand. Any company can play accounting games to juice up their net income, and they are all legal. I still don’t see any fundamental breakthrough that’s an enduring moat for Tesla. On the other hand I have been wrong on their share price too.


An investor is not a CEO nor an analyst. Ignorance is bliss.