Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching



Wait… isn’t his 2nd largest investment his real estate (including that private island he bought somewhere)???


Maybe he got a tip from you guys and loaded up last week.


Ellison is another Crooked person like Elon Musk ! He knows the truth then !!

If people like Ellison is holding shares, they won’t sell normally, it reduces the shares float.

No wonder why TSLA has high beta and wild fluctuation.


Thanks for share this page.

This shows clearly how Elon handles the Loans and revenue. He has made heavy infrastructure to build first using loans and current production pays back it now.

Originally, Elon said his factory can produce max 500k cars/year. Now, with 83k/qtr, he is reaching 250k/year level.

It is real positive side of Tesla, hard to understand unless some one knows about depreciation, amortization, cost of manufacturing EV cars…etc.

If it comes down between 250 and 275, I will buy additional 50% of my current holding.

I really doubt as FBI may provide some reports, some fines may be settled. Government can audit anything and finally come up with some flimsy fines. They just want to get some more money from Tesla, that is all.

Going forward, Tesla has brighter future than last 3 years. The chances of TSLA reaching 400 is high with two or three qtrs results.

Now, TSLA becomes like Bay Area Real Estate, a precious commodity :rofl:


Too much controversy to bet on Tesla.


Your fear is my gain :rofl:


I don’t sell or buy. How can that benefit you?


Your fear is part of the overall fear that drove down the stock price lately which I took advantage of :slight_smile:


Good luck but diversity from Ellon Musk




EV ramp up will be a lot faster than people expect because of climate change. The latest research says we are closer to disaster than previously thought.


Are you a journalist? So dramatic. That doesn’t mean all cars on the road will be EVs, it will happen longer than you expect :nerd_face:


I am counting on governments to outlaw ICE cars sooner than people expected.



US is a developed country while China is a developing one. Greenhouse gas effect is cumulative. The effect of what the industrial west has been putting into the atmosphere for hundreds of years is what’s driving us to the brink today.


Also what’s the absolute level of CO2 emission by country? Why just shows the delta?


EV cars have less parts, lower manufacturing cost gives better returns (Profit margin). Consumers spend low fuel cost than ICE cars and less maintenance.

In nutshell, it benefits both manufacturer and consumer that drives the growth.

The only issue is battery storage, but that is evolving technology. When it matures, all roads will have EV cars.

When company like GM sets 2023, all other manufacturer should also match. Hybrid is not an option based on cost of manufacturing,


China is almost 2x the amount of the US.

Then there’s the whole issue of the accuracy of the predictions of doom.


China’s population is 4.3x that of US.