Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


If you care about the climate (which was your original point), then increasing CO2 levels is bad. Then you pivot to absolute level is what matters. When you find out the data doesn’t support your opinion, then you pivot to population. If you really do care about the climate, then you should want everyone to be reducing CO2. No one should be increasing it. It seems climate is just an excuse to attack things you don’t like.


I always found things interesting. Ppl care so much about the earth, the climate , environment, but things i found

) keep getting new tv every 2-3 yrs
) latest phone every year or two
) new car every 2-3 years either through lease or buy
) buy useless tech gadget use it for 2 months and dump it away

they keep talking about environment but in the meantime they keep buying shit that is polluting the environment. either creating and junking those crap.

If you love the world, let’s try not to buy these junk and use/fix what you have as long as you can.
once thanksgiving time, they don’t give a shit and just keep buying junks at amazon. start controlling your wife and save the world


New cars. It will take awhile for consumers to replace their cars.


Did your wife read this ?:crazy_face:


See bold


You don’t think absolute level per capita is the right measure? If China is chopped into 4 pieces each one still has more people than US and emits half as much CO2.

A dirt poor village deep inside the amazon jungle will emits very little CO2. Are you saying they should reduce theirs as well? No cars, no electricity, no development.


You are too old. Look at the younger ppl .


If you really think CO2 is ruining the earth, then everyone needs to reduce. You probably need population control too. 1 child policy worldwide. No one will do that. They just use climate change as an excuse to punish certain things.


Why do people keep having babies and put so much burden on themselves? They are an expense not an asset… :rofl:


I still have my 32" TV from 12+ years ago.


Climate change will have very profound implications. The Saudi’s will be super screwed for example. It will also likely provide the fuel for WW3.


Fear monger.


Now that I think about it, climate will be WW4. WW3 will be US fighting China. :scream:


Climate change propaganda is the thing that keeps liberals in power, even though pushing environmentalist agenda is against the interests of the poor… like being anti prop 6. We will see if the left looses poor minorities like it has lost the Trump working class whites.
How many urban poor care about polar bears?


Why you want to be a war victim so bad… :rofl:



Nope. Are you oversimplifying a bit too much? :slight_smile:


So is climate change not real? All of scientific findings over the last ~50 yrs…dismissed with one “fake news”?


The first step toward solving the problem is acknowledging we have one. Baby steps…


Liberals hide under the cloak of environmentalism. They use it as an excuse to control all aspects of our lives. When in fact their actions like the gas tax will have no effect.