Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Tesla’s (or even GMs) Tariff impact forces them to have manufacturing plant at China.


Pre-trade war China had a 25% tariff on cars built in the US. The US had a 2.5% tariff on cars built in China. Disparities like that are the whole reason this thing started. We’ve never had fair trade with China or most of the world.

It’s pretty easy to compare trade tariffs between countries, and the US typically applies tariffs to fewer things and has lower rates than trade partners. Yes, you can find some cases where the US applies a larger tariff, but the aggregate data shows the US is consistently at a disadvantage.


US has ripped China for almost a hundred years with an open door policy, so China needs to retaliate by imposing higher tariffs for the same amount of time to even things out.



TSLA keeps running away from me. Come down to $243 please, still waiting.


This type of behavior is very common amongst weaker economy. I recall Singapore did all those behaviors that China is accused of. Then, USA didn’t accuse Singapore of any bad behavior, in fact, very good ally, why :slight_smile:

Is like a well trained MMA fighter challenging an office bounded old man like me to a bare hand combat, claiming it fair, and I shouldn’t use weapons such as a gun.


Even if it comes down to that price you would buy only a couple hundred shares or so. Not enough to make a difference.


Labor costs in China are a fraction of the US (especially if you compare China to UAW). China should be able to product cars at a far lower cost, so it doesn’t make any sense why they’d need higher tariffs. Tariffs are usually designed to protect wage rates of local employees.


Singapore government wasn’t stealing IP from US corporate using their state resources and arming neighbors with nuclear weapon to harass US and its allies. or were they?

Just two points but I am sure you can write a whole page on this

The false equivalency is laughable. But carry on.


Huh? From tariffs to nuclear weapons? Thank you for your offbeat clarification.


LOL: One day, when TSLA reaches $1000, they will split and it will come down to $243/share :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Read the source too

Source: Police may have used Tesla’s Autopilot feature to stop driver asleep at the wheel - The Verge


Wow. People think Tesla will go to 1000? Yen? :smile:


More likely than Amzn going to 3 trillion.


TSLA is not spiking unnecessarily now, but slowly & gradually going up. As long as this trend continues, TSLA becoming 180B company is possible, time frame - years - we do not know. It has potential as of date.

BTW: I want to see WQJ walk away with 1 M dollars (1000 x 1000) :rofl:


This is old news, plan is to grow TSLA to 650B Market Cap.



You started it… the false comparison, and now you are blaming me for being offbeat… sure.

This happens when you try to defend the indefensible. But carry on.


You may want to re-read my original statement. I was asking marcus (not you) as to why there is a different treatment, you butt in to claim that the tariff war is a punishment to China’s arming neighbors with nuclear weapon to harass US and its allies, implying those other behaviors are by itself ok. I feel is offbeat. Hard to believe your clarification.